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Will Ferrell Will Eat Garbage

Posted Nov 5 2012 - 12:50pm
Tagged With: Will Ferrell Video


With the election only a day away, Will Ferrell is getting creative. In a video promoted by the Obama campaign, the wacky comedian pledged to do literally ANYTHING to get out the vote. Which means that, come tomorrow, he could be punching himself in the face and eating underwear and garbage, per his promises.

Um, eating garbage? Sure, Ferrell is trying to be funny, but his comments come at a particularly bad time. In the wake of last week's Superstorm Sandy, multiple news sources have reported that some victims of the storm have been resorting to looking for food in some of the most unlikely places, including dumpsters.

For someone who spent a lot of time in New York when he was a cast member of Saturday Night Live, it looks particularly bad. Plus, Ferrell routinely pulls in $30-50 million per film - maybe he can use some of that cash to do some real good.


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