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Ryan Gosling Lookalike Prank Fools Fans in Detroit

Posted Jun 14 2013 - 12:30pm


You know what the only thing better than Ryan Gosling is? Two Ryan Goslings.

As part of a regular feature on his show called Spike’s World Famous Street Scams, Spike from Mojo in the Morning recently recruited Ryan Gosling lookalike Doug, a tax accountant in Detroit, to impersonate the famed heartthrob in a prank Spike dubbed  “Lyin’ Gosling.” As Gosling is currently in Detroit directing his new film, How To Catch A Monster—don’t think your directorial debut gets you off the hook from this acting hiatus you’re taking, Ryan! We’re still very upset with you—the idea of Gosling being sighted in Motor City is not all that unlikely. Doug may not have had Ryan’s swoon-inducing smolder, but the tax accountant was passable enough to set up the perfect prank.

Dressed up in the “Gosling uniform” of a hoodie and T-shirt, Spike released Lyin’ Gosling in downtown Detroit during prime lunch hours. Without explicitly identifying the sunglasses-clad imposter as Gosling, Spike set his Ryan doppelganger loose and let the pandemonium ensue on its own. It wasn’t long before tweets were flying and fans were clambering to get a photo with the fake Gosling. Doug played his part perfectly, throwing out charming Gosling-esque grins and posing with his admirers.

Now if only we could be there for a real Ryan spotting. Road trip to Detroit, anyone? 

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