8 Reasons Why We Love Andrew Garfield

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With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swinging into theaters in spring 2014, it’s only fair to take a few moments to appreciate the glorious Andrew Garfield. Here are eight reasons to fall in love with the Marvel star!



His childhood in Surrey left American-born Andrew with dual citizenship, and, more importantly, the world’s most delicious accent!


His relationship with his The Amazing Spider-Man co-star Emma Stone has got to be the cutest thing in Hollywood.


He’s incredibly talented. Before joining the Marvel team, Andrew had already won a name for himself as an amazing actor in movies like The Social Network and Never Let Me Go, as well as onstage, including a starring role in Death of a Salesman alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman! 


Aside from being a totally brilliant actor with incredible emotional depth, Andrew Garfield can definitely rock the Spidey suit.


He and Emma Stone get snapped by the paparazzi constantly, but this socially-conscious couple used a camera attack as an opportunity to advertise two of their favorite charities last year.


He looks adorable in glasses.


Andrew strutted his stuff on Ellen to raise money for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation with his mad dance moves. Anything for the kids!


Finally, as we found out at last year’s Comic-Con, this is one movie star who never lost his fanboy enthusiasm, and that flawless combination of modesty and talent is totally irresistible. 

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