20 Dogs In Halloween Costumes

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Thinking of creative costumes every year for an entire Halloween weekend is hard enough, but some pet owners manage to impress us with their original costumes for their lovable best friends as well. We all know how hard it is to stand out in a sea of costumes. It takes time and preparation. If you’ve ever managed to whip up an original costume the day before Halloween, we praise you.

Somehow, these dog owners found the time to extend their creativity and use it to not necessarily help them be remembered, but to help their dogs be remembered. These pups managed to catch our attention in everything from adorable superhero outfits to utterly confused identities.

Now this is one race all collegiettes should want to watch: Doggy Phelps vs. Michael Phelps.

michael phelps dog

This dog just can’t wait to be king!

lion dog

It’s coloring time in puppy Kindergarten with a canvas and 64 Crayola set.

dog dressed as crayon

The Catholic school uniform is clichéd and completely overdone, but on this shih-tzu, it’s too cute to resist!

dog dressed as catholic school girl

Who wants to break the news to this yawning pup that he’s not actually a cow? We don’t have it in our hearts to.

dog dressed as cow halloween costume pet

With one glove and all, this dog channels his inner Michael Jackson before getting ready to howl “Man in the Mirror.”

michael jackson dog halloween costume pet

Be careful, this dynamite is set to go off any at any moment.

dog dressed as dynamite halloween costume pets

Maybe when Little Red Riding Hood went to visit her grandmother, it wasn’t actually a wolf. It was this little guy!

dog dressed as grandmother halloween costume pet

Be careful what you say around this dog. You don’t want to unleash the green monster and we’re not talking about jealousy.

hulk dog puppy halloween costume

What happens when a dog wants to chase this mailman and then realizes this mailman is actually another dog? Awkward…

mailman dog halloween costume pet

Why get the iPhone 6S when you can have this amazing combo instead?

iphone dog halloween costume pet

As delicious as s’mores are, this one’s just too fluffy and perfect!

dog halloween costume s'mores puppy

Does someone want to tell him that the '50s are over and, well, he’s not a poodle?

weiner dog dressed as poodle

Puppies are the latest trend in cleaning supplies. Maybe this will help colleges change their rules to allow these cuddly pups in dorms!

mop dog

Who’s your favorite Spiderman – Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield or this heroic Yorkie?

spiderman dog

This shaggy ball of fur doesn’t wait for frat parties, baseball games or Thirsty Thursdays.

dog drinking beer

Hungry? This little guy can hook you up!

Bruce Wayne was covering Batman’s true identity: this gorgeous golden retriever.

batman dog

Forget Batman. Wonder Woman to the rescue!

wonder woman dog costume

Collegiettes, this pup is ready to join you at the gym. I’m sure your instructor won’t mind.

yoga dog halloween costume

Which doggie was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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