Pick It or Skip It: Grab-and-Go Breakfasts for the Busy Collegiette

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We all know sleep is the Holy Grail of college.  So, if given the choice between waking up early for a sit-down breakfast or rolling out 10 minutes before class and maybe grabbing a granola bar, which would you pick?  Most of us would choose the latter for obvious sleep reasons, but I have some fabulous news for you busy bees!  As a fellow lover of extra ZZZs, I have made it my personal mission to scope out some of the healthiest and most delicious on-the-go breakfast swaps for collegiettes that’ll leave you feeling full, energized, and ready to flirt with that cutie in your morning psych lecture...
Yogurt Enthusiast
You are a devoted lover of the creamy goodness that is fruity yogurt.  It’s delicious and easy to grab on your way out the door — this quick fix is surekeep you on track!

Pick: Greek yogurt
Go for the non-fat plain version, and you not only get a low-calorie breakfast, but you also take in around 18 grams of protein!  Greek yogurt can be a little bland on its owns, so sweeten up your breakfast by stirring in some healthy extras, such as honey or blueberries. Laura, a foodie from Bucknell University, lovesthis option: “I tend to mix a lot into non-fat yogurt to make it a bit more fun, [and] usually raisins or the prepackaged fruit can be easily combined for a healthy-parfait-on the go! I even add whole grain cereals for some crunch!” Don’t have time to make your own Greek parfait? Many companies, such as Chobani, make fruit-flavored Greek yogurts so you get the same great taste for just a few more calories than the plain version!
Skip: Fruity yogurt
A word to the wise: if yogurt contains a gelatin-like substance that claims to be fruit, skip it.  David Zinczenko, author of the Eat This, Not That series, warns yogurt enthusiasts that many brands use high fructose corn syrup as the main ingredient while providing measly amounts of protein.  Time to break up with this loser; stick with its Greek counterpart, and you’ll be golden!

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