20 Hilarious GIFs to Get You Pumped for Thanksgiving

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There are two weeks until we get to celebrate Thanksgiving…

...and more importantly, the epic Thanksgiving dinner.

You can barely contain your excitement because you know exactly how it’ll go down.

First, you’ll profess your love to the juicy and glorious bird by singing a power ballad…

...and end your dramatic performance by chowing down on your makeshift mic.

Then, you’ll be craving and carving a second helping faster than Wolverine himself.

But, that’s not all! A Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be complete without the sides.

So you’ll ask someone to pass your aunt’s specialty dish, which is a celebration in itself...

…especially after you add an unhealthy portion of the most delicious ingredient known to mankind.

And because calories don’t count on holidays, you'll pile enough food on your plate to create a miniature mountain range rivaling the Appalachians like you did when you were a kid.

And when fresh, fluffy bread is pulled straight from the oven, you’ll be like:

Because as far as you’re concerned, carbs could replace a significant other.

And just when you think dinner is over, a light bulb comes on.

When it comes to pie, or dessert of any nature, sharing is for the weak.

Despite what your stomach will be telling you, there’s no such thing as being full on Thanksgiving.

So remember to dress for maximal food consumption, even if that means donning a pair of maternity pants.

You don’t usually indulge, so there’s nothing wrong with a cheat day during the long weekend.

So whether you're going home or staying at school for the festivities, you can look forward to the holiday that celebrates two of your favorite things: good company and delicious food.

Very delicious food.

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