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Health Food & Nutrition

Cooking for yourself for the first time is a big task that not everyone is prepared for. Yes, this does mean ditching your microwaveable meals for the stove. Stocking your kitchen not only with food, but also with things to cook the food with, is a class they should have taught in high school, but didn’t. Having essential healthy foods you can incorporate into different dishes is important and necessary for a functional kitchen. So put on your apron and get out your grocery list—it’s time to stock your kitchen! Foods Olive oil A great substitute for butter that tastes amazing on just about...
With an outrageously extensive menu and cheesecake so delicious you salivate just thinking about it, The Cheesecake Factory is a wonderful place. And while it may serve fare you could find at other restaurants, its decor is second to none. Here's our list of nine things The Cheesecake Factory looks like. 1. The Eye of Sauron We walked all the way here from The Shire just for some of their delicious bread.  2.  St. Peter’s Basilica Why spend thousands of dollars traveling to Rome when you could just spend $10.99 to look at art just as beautiful? 3. A Chinese bar
The college dining hall is an unfortunately familiar scene on college campuses: unidentifiable meat, pizza every night and sky-high prices. Every day, you trek to the caf, grab the same boring food, and pray that the food poisoning your friend got a week ago was a fluke occurrence. You dream of the day when you’re no longer required to be on the meal plan, and you look forward to making delicious, fresh meals in your room. But the first night of your plan-less living, you may stare inside your fridge (stocked with a mismatch of items) and come to a conclusion: there is nothing to eat. For...