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Health Food & Nutrition

For collegiettes with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or a desire to cut all things gluten from their diets, the gluten-free lifestyle has one universal roadblock: where is the food you can actually eat? No matter what your story is, one thing is true: trying to find gluten-free recipes can be kind of a pain. No, scratch that: finding gluten-free recipes that are actually good can be kind of a pain. We’ve scoured everything from foodie blogs to Pinterest to find some great (and not impossible) gluten-free recipes—everything from cookies to orange chicken—that you’ll love. 1. Chocolate Chip...
After a long night out with friends or during a mid-afternoon study break, there’s no better feeling than indulging in greasy, delicious food at your favorite campus eatery. We had college students across the country weigh in on the best spots to chow down on campuses all the way from Los Angeles to Boston. Just a warning; these drool-worthy eats might make you consider transferring schools. Bon appétit! 1. Eggs Francisco from Kerbey Lane Café (Austin, Texas) College and late-night food are practically synonymous, which explains the appeal of a 24/7 restaurant. Kerbey Lane Café is just that...
You may be familiar with the ever-delicious red velvet cupcake, but the rich, colorful batter isn't just confined to cake! Check out these seven mouthwatering red velvet recipes that use our favorite cake batter in a creative way.  1. Red Velvet Crepes Dessert for breakfast? Don't mind if we do. 2. Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars Three layers of pure decadence. 3. Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies All the deliciousness of cheesecake in the convenience of a cookie. 4. Red Velvet Pancakes With Cream Cheese Frosting Because a stack of pretty red pancakes makes everything better.