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Health Food & Nutrition

You may be familiar with the ever-delicious red velvet cupcake, but the rich, colorful batter isn't just confined to cake! Check out these seven mouthwatering red velvet recipes that use our favorite cake batter in a creative way.  1. Red Velvet Crepes Dessert for breakfast? Don't mind if we do. 2. Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars Three layers of pure decadence. 3. Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies All the deliciousness of cheesecake in the convenience of a cookie. 4. Red Velvet Pancakes With Cream Cheese Frosting Because a stack of pretty red pancakes makes everything better.
As a summer intern with long hours and short lunch breaks, you’re likely to be reaching for lots of junk food with scant nutritional value during the day. Luckily, there are tons of tasty, healthy, and quick ways to kick those nasty snacking habits and avoid the nemesis that is an expanding waistline. If you’re finding yourself about to buy the package of M&M’s in your office’s vending machine for a quick sugar rush to help you finish out your shift, stop right there. Her Campus caught up with certified nutrition specialist Jason Boehm, registered dietitian Brooke Schantz, and certified...
It’s time to pack up the car and head off onto the open road with your girls for a summer adventure! A road trip is a great way to explore a new city and spend time with some close friends or become closer to new friends. When it comes to eating healthy on the road, your best plan is to be proactive. Make sure you plan out your meals and snacks as best as you can before you leave, just as you’d prepare for your lodging, other expenses or your perfect road trip playlist. Before you crank up the tunes and put the pedal to the metal, pack up some of these healthy and delicious snacks to stay...