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Surprise Exercise: 5 Calorie Burning Activities You Already Do and 5 Routine Tweaks to Burn Even More

Posted Aug 11 2012 - 2:00pm

Get off that treadmill and listen to this: Sure, it's important to burn calories, but your exercise routine doesn't have to be so... routine. Turns out, there are tons of things we already do that count as mini workouts. So whether you're bored of the gym or don't have that half hour time slot each day to complete those typical calorie burners, we have a list that'll make you feel way more accomplished. Plus, learn how to tweak your schedule to work off even more.
What You're Already Doing:
  stairs walking up the stairs entry entrance first floor office building lobby
Walking Upstairs: 10 Minutes
Calories burned: 92
Live on the second, third, or fourth floor of your dorm? Skip the elevator and take the stairs instead. A few trips up each day could be just the thing to counteract those late-night pizza deliveries. For girls who live at the top of their residence halls, try getting off the elevator a few floors early and climbing the rest. Who knows? Maybe you'll make some new 9th floor friends (or a cute guy) on your way to the 12th.


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