What TV Show You Should Binge-Watch on Netflix, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Seriously, stop scrolling aimlessly through the New Releases and Trending sections on Netflix. They haven’t changed in the last 15 minutes, and they aren’t going to change in the next 15 minutes. The real reason your recent Netflix binges have been so unfruitful is because you haven’t been paying attention to your zodiac sign! After all, we rely on our zodiac signs to guide us through an average day, a relationship and even our hairstyles, so why shouldn't we let our signs help us pick the perfect Netflix series to binge-watch next?


Capricorns are very patient people, which is why you waited so calmly for Netflix to release Season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. However, you've already watched every episode. While it's difficult to find a television series similar to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, there is one that has the same innocent humor. What’s better than watching Drew Barrymore turn into a zombie in Santa Clarita Diet? Don’t worry—it's not scary.


You have a naturally inquisitive spirit. You want to know everything about pretty much everything. Along with being extremely curious, you’re also a romantic. Aquariuses are faithful lovers who thrive on everything about a relationship, which is why Love is a great series for you to binge-watch. While Love might seem like a typical TV show about the ups and downs of a modern relationship, it actually examines men and women’s perspectives on dating. The show’s investigative nature is sure to satisfy your analytical tooth.


You’re known for your imagination and resourcefulness. After all, that's the whole reason you’ve already filled up five dream boards with your 20-year plan. While Pisces are unlikely to actually go on a Netflix bender, Chelsea Does is an outstanding series for you to watch during your study breaks. Because the series follows Chelsea Handler as she investigates different topics and issues, from marriage to racism, you can get a few laughs in as you learn about various problems that affect America. Finally, your Netflix study break doesn’t have to consist of another mindless episode of Archer.


You’re outgoing, clever and the epitome of confidence, but beneath your hard-wired career-driven exterior, you’re also spontaneous and optimistic. Although Grace and Frankie might not seem like the logical Netflix choice for you, the impulsive nature of the show’s storyline will get you hooked. Grace and Frankie follows two women with opposite personalities who are brought into each other’s lives following their respective divorces. While Aries are usually impatient and restless, Grace and Frankie won’t send you fumbling for the remote anytime soon.


Although there’s some strange stigma that Tauruses are stubborn and bullish individuals, you’re really a patient and lovable person. Though it’s probably best that none of your friends get on your bad side. You enjoy warm-hearted sitcoms and series about families, which is why Raising Hope is the ideal show for your next Netflix bout. Obviously the TV family can’t be too wholesome, though, because every family—real and fictitious—has a healthy dose of flaws. Don’t worry—the TV family in Raising Hope is plenty eccentric enough to fulfill your craving while you’re waiting for Netflix to add Season 3 of Jane the Virgin.


You’re innately adventurous. Geminis are constantly searching for their next excursion so why would your next Netflix series be any different? While you’re incredibly intuitive, you also love drama. Okay, you don’t love it if it pertains to you, but you love watching drama—especially dramatic films and TV shows. However, you don’t want to watch some petty drama like Keeping Up With the Kardashians. You want a more sophisticated drama, something that combines a thrilling storyline and dry humor—like Nurse Jackie. What’s better than a nurse who doesn’t follow all the rules?


Cancers are also very imaginative, which is why you love fiction so much. Why would the shows you watch be any different? You aren’t afraid to show your emotions to the world so your hyperactive emotions make suspenseful TV shows even more exciting for you. I’m sure you’ve already seen every horror and suspense movie on Netflix, but a movie doesn't compare to a lengthy series about murder. How to Get Away with Murder is a series about, well…how to get away with murder. The series follows a team of law students who are determined to cover up a murder, which will certainly captivate you.


Ideally, Leos love attention; however, they also love to devote their concentration to certain activities, like an intriguing Netflix series that allows them to learn. While Leos are known for their creativity, they’re also known for being confident, badass chicks who love to watch shows about other confident, badass chicks. Thankfully, Jessica Jones is the ideal show for you because it follows a strong female lead. Did I mention Jessica Jones is a Marvel hero?


Although you may seem shy and quiet, you still love a great comedy. I mean, who doesn’t? Instead of a comedy that jokes about work (ahem, The Office), which is a very real reality for a college student, you’d rather scour Netflix for a humorous series about life in general. You know, nothing that hits too close to home. Let’s face it, nearly every comedy aficionado’s weakness is British humor. Chewing Gum is an excellent and underappreciated British sitcom about a religious woman’s path to explore the world around her and lose her virginity. The opportunities for comical genius are practically endless.


You’re super easygoing, but sometimes it makes you a bit indecisive. Often your mood changes with your hesitations, which is why finding a show to binge-watch past the first season can seem nearly impossible. After all, how can you devote your attention to an entire series when you couldn’t even decide between eating a burger or pizza for lunch? Instead of filling your Recently Watched section with a dozen shows that you paused during the first episode of the season, you should check out American Horror Story. After all, AHS changes its storyline every season.


You have strong opinions about essentially everything, including other people's opinions, which is why you need to indulge in a show with a sense of humor as brash as your attitude. However, you get disinterested in series that rely on their blunt humor alone. Instead, you need something with developed characters and an intense storyline. You need to get emotionally invested in a show, but you can’t stand to watch something that just brazenly kills off its beloved characters. *cough* Games of Thrones *cough* Luckily, Shameless is a show with crude but amusing humor and compelling character development. Just be prepared to develop the strangest crush on Lip. Don't say I didn't warn you.


While you would love to watch season after season of a lengthy show on Netflix, you get a bit restless if you commit to one series for more than a season at a time, which explains why you’re still on Season 3 of The Walking Dead. Granted, Sagittariuses tend to be optimists so you’re a sucker for a TV series with an overall positive storyline or happy ending. New Girl is the perf show for you to binge-watch this summer, even if it'll take you longer than the summer to get through the five seasons that are on Netflix. It doesn’t get much better than watching a show about a peppy, young teacher living with three male roomies. 

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