This Week's Episode of 'Pretty Little Liars' Was Full of Barfable Moments

Pretty Little Liars has had its fair share of sickening moments over the last seven years. But Tuesday night’s episode was especially icky. Here are the things that had me ready to barf.

When this creepy AF doll that looks nothing like Hanna showed up at her door

Not only is the face stitched on this thing, but it also leans to one side. And omg, why am I trying to prove this is weird? It’s just weird.

When Toby asked Yvonne to marry him… like, right then

I knew this was going to end badly as soon as he suggested it.

When Hanna cut the doll open and blood. squirted. everywhere.

Blood? REALLY? Another valuable PLL lesson: Dolls bleed just like the rest of us.

When the board game gassed Caleb in the face

Throat closing up. Can’t breathe.

When Toby and Yvonne actually got married, and then SHE DIED

I’m Team Spoby ~forever~, but Yvonne deserved so much better than this.

(But at least this happened.)


When Nicole was waiting for Aria in Ezra’s apartment

Get out, freak!

And the police were sent a finger

But whose is it?!!!!

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