Top 10 Spring Break Movies

It’s that time of year when everyone wants to enjoy some beach and sun and get away for an amazing Spring Break.  Hollywood has done a pretty good job of creating the “ideal” image of Spring Break in movies, whether that includes crazy parties on the beach, romantic love stories, or unbelievable adventures. The newest film in the Spring Break genre is Spring Breakers, featuring a not-so-Disney version of Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens who find themselves in the middle of a 24/7 party and a bit of a mess. But many films came before this one and we’ve picked out some classic Spring Break movies to get you ready for your break or maybe even just to get you through midterms. Enjoy!

Spring Breakers

Four best friends will do anything to have the ultimate Spring Break, and that includes robbing a restaurant to come up with the money. They get mixed up in some dirty business with a drug and arms dealer once they start the all-day-all-night rage, and some will go farther than others to keep the party going.

Passport to Paris

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen take on Paris during their Spring Break and find some irresistible French boys along the way. Not the usual crazy, college Spring Break trip, but it is certainly one for the books! And who doesn’t love the string of preteen Mary-Kate and Ashley adventure movies?

From Justin to Kelly

Remember when Kelly Clarkson stole America’s heart when she won the first American Idol? This movie is a flashback to the beginning of her fame, and Idol season one runner-up Justin Guarini. This makes the top of the list with a Spring Break in Florida, a love story, and plenty of song and dance numbers.

Spring Breakdown

Just by looking at the cast, it’s a no-brainer that this is a hilarious take on a Spring Break movie. Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Amber Tamblyn, and Jane Lynch come together in a story about a political election and trying to keep the candidate’s daughter respectable and safe on her wild and wacky Spring Break trip.

The Real Cancun

Definitely not one of the PG-rated Spring Break movies on the list, this took 16 real college students, not actors, and made a the first ever reality movie. Thanks to this 2003 film (if you could call it that), the stereotypical ideal of Spring Break emerged.

She’s All That

Although this one isn’t entirely based around Spring Break (even though it does play an important part), it’s a classic high school movie about teens falling in love, going to parties, and trying to figure out their life. Plus, it stars a young Freddie Prinze. Jr. and really awful 90’s fashion.

Girl Happy

This film takes us back to 1965 and shows us how Elvis did Spring Break. When the King of Rock and Roll falls in love with the daughter of a mobster, musical drama ensues and we learned how spring breakers kicked it in the 60’s.

Spring Break

The name says it all. Going back to 1983, this is another film about college students who take their break in Fort Lauderdale and find themselves in a series of unforgettable events. It might not be the newest film on the block, but it’s full of entertainment and laughs.

Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise

Spring Break isn’t only for the popular beauty queens and jocks. Nerds know how to have fun too! A comical take on how college geeks take on Spring Break, interact with the unfriendly fraternity guys, and how they try to use their charm to get the girls.

The Beach Girls

Think of it as Sandy from Grease and her Pink Lady friends taking on a college-styled Spring Break in the 1980’s. Add in a drug scandal and you have “The Beach Girls.” It provides drama, comedy, and a huge relief that our bikini and hair styles have evolved.

Where the Boys Are

The oldest movie on the list, the movie goes back to 1960 as possibly the first Spring Break movie in Hollywood. This one takes four college girls (but very unlike the ones in Spring Breakers), who have different thoughts on adventure and romance during their break, but they all have the common goal of having a good time and finding a man.

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