Taylor Swift Fans Believe That the Baby in 'Gorgeous' Is Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' Daughter

Taylor Swift's newest single "Gorgeous" is undoubtedly my favorite of songs released from the album Reputation so far. Even though she claims that there's a new, angrier Taylor, "Gorgeous" feels upbeat and positive in a way that feels like Taylor's old music. Amidst the rumors that the song is about Taylor's boyfriend Joe Alwyn, there's another theory buzzing around that the child saying "gorgeous" at the beginning of the song is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughter James. Um, please tell me this is true!

Cosmopolitan says that there's a possibility of the truth leaking out, as Taylor confirmed on Tumblr that fans invited to recent listening sessions in London and Rhode Island know who the baby is. 

A comment on the Twitter thread reporting the session secret claims that everything points to the adorable voice being James after a fan reportedly leaked the truth. A Blake Lively fan account has also picked up on the news, further fueling the speculation. 

The voice belonging to James is pretty feasible, as Taylor and Blake are known to be close friends. Blake and Ryan attended Taylor's infamous 2016 Fourth of July party, and the former Gossip Girl star recognized Taylor's birthday on Instagram last year. Tbh, I would love to believe that my visions of Aunt Taylor coming over to bake with little James and Ines Reynolds were true.

Those not convinced about the James connection have guessed that the voice is Taylor's godson, Leo Thames, whose mom is her friend Jaime King. Some have even wondered if the baby is a toddler Taylor. Although most seem to believe that James is the one who contributed, it appears that Taylor will stay tight-lipped about the truth. 

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