Miley Cyrus' New Style and Crazy Performance

Miley Cyrus still can't be tamed, and she is setting out to prove it to the world. In her most recent walk on the wild side, Miley took this stage this past Sunday at 1:30 am, performing in concert with Israeli dubstep artist DJ Borgore. Miley collaborated with DJ Borgore on a track called "Decisions" that dropped in November. Check out the music vid where they smear cake on everything, including each other!

The big news, though, had less do with her music, and everything to do with the new style she debuted on stage: Miley was scantily clad in a revealing cut-out crop top, high waisted leather pants, and thigh-high leopard print boots. Her short hair was cropped even shorter, and she also had a chain that wrapped around her stomach and neck... Yikes!

But Miley wasn't even the person with the craziest outfit on stage: there were a few topless strippers dancing with her, too! She's really trying hard to move away from her squeaky clean Disney image, and we have to say, she's doing a great job!

So, collegiettes, what do you think of Miley's new style? Can she rock this punk rock attitude and still stay the same Miley? Let us know what you think!!


Photo Source: Calgary Herald


Julia is a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where she studied Writing Seminars and Women's Studies. She lives outside of Boston and is a Fall 2012 Editorial Intern at Her Campus. Her favorite activities are writing, drawing, and eating sushi. She also enjoys picking up new hobbies, like photography, and she's trying hard to learn the ukelele!

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