Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Weed; Fans Shocked

Justin Bieber's squeaky-clean image and innocent looks helped him quickly develop a large fan base of pre-teen and teen girls in a relatively short time.

We swooned (and cried) when he started dating the equally adorable Selena Gomez and wept (and maybe cheered over his new single status) when they broke up. Like all stars, though, they grow up. Justin is 18 now and likely rebeling against the restrictions teen stardom placed upon him. He's also a normal guy.

And like most normal guys, he was caught doing something that the people who adore him might not approve of him doing. 

When TMZ reported that a photographer called in with the news that Bieber was smoking weed, fans were stunned. Then a follow-up TMZ report shows photographs of Bieber smoking weed at a party. According to UPI Blog, the news started a horrible trend on Twitter due to an anonymous 4chan poster who suggested that fans hurt themselves to get Bieber to stop smoking weed.

Tweeters started posting pictures of what appeared to be cuts on their arms, Twitchy reported. While many of the tweets turned out to be hoaxes, the reality is that making light of something as serious as cutting and self-harm is dangerous and cruel. 

Us Weekly reported that Bieber apologized to his fans for his indiscretion via Twitter. Does this mean he will quit smoking weed? Maybe not, but maybe it isn't our business.


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