Hunky Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Gets Reality TV Show

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Hot guy with a great job and athletic prowess? Sign us up! Earlier this week, E! Entertainment told breathless viewers the exciting news: Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has a new reality show premiering in April. According to ABC and several other news outlets, the reality series is called "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" and will follow Ryan around as he does his thing: train for the Olympics.

Ryan is an accomplished Olympic swimmer. He's won 11 times! Partly because of his athletic skill and partly because he's so good looking, Ryan has been getting acting gigs, mostly commercials and small parts on popular shows. Now that he has his own show, though, we'll get to see more of him. 

Us Weekly reports that the Olympic star will also hit local Gainesville, Florida clubs searching for his one true love (or, at the least, someone to keep him company during the show). Unfortunately, the names of the clubs have not been released. Guess we'll just have to watch and see!

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