Everyone on 'Pretty Little Liars' Has Lost Their Mind

I know I’ve said it before (more times than I can count!), but Pretty Little Liars has gone full-on crazy. Tuesday’s episode proved everyone in the PLL universe is officially off their rocker.

Spencer went toe-to-toe with the police

Spencer has had her fair share of experience with the police; this isn’t the first time she’s been suspected of murder, after all. But her interactions with seasoned cop Barry and her most recent ex(?), Marco, were downright brazen. Mentioning that you remember unbuckling Detective Furey’s belt the night police believe you killed Archer Dunhill? Ballsy.

Later Spencer showed up at Marco’s apartment and asked him to turn a blind eye to evidence that would link her to Archer’s death. And she stole a thumb drive with some other police evidence on it. When Marco realized she had taken it, she blackmailed him, bringing up how suspicious her being in his apartment alone at night might look.

Lucas turned on Hanna…briefly

The same night Lucas gave Hanna an alibi for Charlotte’s murder, he also told the police the truth: he had no idea where Hanna was when Charlotte was killed.

Emily slammed Alison for not taking her prenatal vitamins

Ali may be the one carrying Emily’s baby, but Em is still experiencing “crazy, erratic mood swings,” according to Alison. There’s SO much going on. Does anyone really have time to be worrying about this baby’s health? Obviously not.

Aria trashed Emily’s baby’s nursery

Feeding information to A.D. is one thing. Destroying your best friends’ nursery is another totally cruel and unforgivable thing. After she smeared the room with blood (that’s what they said, but I’m not convinced it was actually blood) and broke nearly every precious heirloom, Aria watched the Liars talk about the monster who did this and pretended she had no idea who it was. Devastating.

Hanna and Caleb broke into the Radley and flooded it

Haleb felt guilty for upsetting Spencer to the point that she drunk-signed a receipt at the Radley the night of Archer’s death, so they broke into the records room to steal said receipt. Only they couldn’t find it, so Caleb just decided to flood the place to get rid of the evidence. Status: Feeling smart.

Now do you believe me? PLL is off the rails. And I’m loving it.

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