Drake Bell Went Off on Josh Peck Because He Wasn't Invited to His Wedding

So you thought Drake Bell and Josh Peck from Drake & Josh would be BFFs forever? WRONG.

Josh got married on Saturday, but his former costar was noticeably absent from the guest list. And it's not like Josh didn't invite any of his work buddies. His Grandfathered costar, John Stamos, was in attendance

Drake was obviously hurt by the snub, so like any good celebrity, he took the drama to Twitter. In now-deleted tweets, Drake wrote, "When you’re not invited to the wedding the message is clear.” He added, "True colors have come out today. Message is loud and clear. Ties are officially cut. I’ll miss you brotha."

Thanks to the magic of screenshots, Drake's deleted tweets live on, but he chose to leave this cryptic tweet behind. (Wait, is it cryptic, or is it totally unrelated? I don't know.)

According to E! News, Drake also tweeted, “Loyalty is key… ALWAYS remember where you came from.” Again, this tweet has been deleted, but ouch. 

There are a lot of unanswered questions here. First of all, how long have the two had beef? Well, Drake appeared on Grandfathered just last year, and at the time, he spoke to MTV about their on-screen reunion. "It was completely like old times. When we got on set, we were both a little worried," he said. "We had hung out and stayed in touch over the years, but we hadn’t worked together or tried to be funny together. So we were kind of nervous about whether we were going to be able to pick it up. But honestly, the first scene we sat down to do, it was like BAM. It felt like we were together yesterday. We just fell right back into it." 

Drake even hinted at a Drake and Josh revival, but I guess now we can scratch that. 

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