Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Just Said Her First Word!

Some of you might disagree with this but babies are perfect. They are small, cute, cuddly, and don't know how to talk back yet. What could be better? 

One baby who is particularly adorable at all times is Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's child, Luna. Although barely 11 months old, the baby is already cooler than I will ever be and I am totally okay with that. But the thing I had on her was that I, at least, could say words. Until today, that is. 

According to People, today Luna took her first step into adulthood by saying her first word (and wearing her first bow.) In two Instagram posts, the supermodel mom shows the world Luna's progress with a video of her saying "ca" when her parents point to a cat. 


First bow!

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Ah!!! So many firsts

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Mazol Tov, you learned the most important word in the English language!  

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