Bachelor Nick Viall Reveals Just How Far He Went with Corinne in His Hotel Room

Fans of The Bachelor have been left with some unanswered questions after this week's episode. Though Nick Viall claims that "literally, nothing happened" between him and contestant Corinne Olympios when she dropped by his hotel room, the evidence captured on camera seems to suggest otherwise. 

On the Channel 33 podcast earlier this week, Nick assured listeners, "We went further on the bouncy castle!" He was willing to admit that he and Corinne "kissed a bit" behind that closed bedroom door but claims that's as risqué as it got.

Corinne went to Viall's suite after failing to earn a rose on the group date. Despite what Nick says, by the time we were done watching (or listening to) Corinne trying to convince Nick to let her show off her "sex abilities," it seemed like the two had done more than just kiss a bit. 

We'll never know for sure what went down because can we really trust Nick? But there's always hope that Corinne will weigh in with her side of the story.

She's just kind of here.

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