The 5 Best Commercials from the 2015 Super Bowl

In the age of DVR, people willingly watch commercials only one day a year: Super Bowl Sunday. This year, a 30-second spot costs four million dollars, and most companies spend well over a million dollars creating the ad. With all that money on the line, advertising agencies turn out some of these best commercials of the year for the big game.

1. Budweiser: “Lost Dog”

The most important celebrities on any Super Bowl Sunday are the Budweiser Clydesdales. This commercial has basically anything you could want from a Super Bowl ad, including those majestic horses, a handsome farmer, and a seriously adorable lost puppy. 

2. T-Mobile: “#KimDataStash”

Any KUWTK fan knows that underneath all that contouring, Kim K is hiding a pretty great sense of humor. The Selfish author pokes fun at her own photography hobby in this 30-second spot. 

3. Dove Men+Care: “#RealStrength"

Watching the Super Bowl can be prime father-daughter bonding time, and several companies tried to work this angle. Dove Men was the most successful; this ad is guaranteed to make you want to give dear old dad a hug.

4. Discover: “Surprise Scream”

Big name advertisers can get a little predictable, reusing the same tropes that are sure to land with audiences. A screaming goat was a refreshing element of absurdity in the middle of a tense game.

5. Nationwide: “Invisible Mindy Kaling”

Apparently unable to make up their minds, Nationwide execs went both routes and aired both a sentimental ad and a funny ad. Although their dead child spot was widely regarded as a flop, Mindy won a laugh trying to kiss special guest star Matt Damon.

The Patriots may be going home with Super Bowl rings, but everyone knows the real competition is for best commercial. Which was your favorite?

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