Online Jobs: How You Can Make Money From Your Dorm Room

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Do you dream of making money from the comfort of your dorm room while lounging in your PJ pants and a T-shirt? Well, that dream could become your reality if you start tapping into the online job market. Lucky for you, Her Campus has created a guide to online moneymaking. So read on, collegiettes™, take some notes, and wear whatever you’d like while doing so!

Where to begin
The Internet is a large and powerful place - and it can often be intimidating! However, it holds a plethora of moneymaking opportunities for you, and you just have to know where to begin.
Before jumping on the online job bandwagon, though, remember to make sure that the job you are considering is legitimate. Plenty of websites out there are nothing but major scams. If it seems sketchy to you, then it probably is! If you need a little help, read this article from MSN Money, which offers a few suggestions for legit moneymaking opportunities.
The key to finding an online job is using your strengths: know what you’re good at and take advantage of it!
Another tip for finding the perfect online job is simply having the initiative to ask for one, even if it is not offered or advertised yet.  “Sometimes the best way to land a home-based job is by calling someone you’d like to work for and offering your services,” says Tory Johnson in this article for ABC News, where she suggests places where you can find a number of online job opportunities in different fields. She says that if you are going to work from home, you should keep two things in mind: stick to a schedule and create a dedicated workspace in your home. You’re only relying on yourself to get your work done, so you should be organized and responsible!
Now check out the following list of online jobs you could start making money with right now!
Virtual customer service agent:
What is it? Virtual customer service agents answer inbound phone calls for companies like J. Crew or Walgreens. These major companies outsource customer service phone calls to virtual agents in the U.S.
What do you have to do? As a virtual customer service agent, you can choose to take calls for a company that best suits your knowledge and interests.
How many hours do you work? You can pick your own hours, but usually, you must work at least 20 hours a week.
How much do you make? This job usually pays between $8 and $15 an hour.
Since different companies pay differently, you can explore your options at Working Solutions, Customer Loyalty Concepts and Alpine Access.
What do you need to do this job? All you need are customer service skills, a friendly phone voice, high-speed Internet access, a computer and a landline phone!
So how do I get started? Apply here, here or here!
Create a product…and sell it:
What is it? If you’re creative, this is the job for you! Basically, you come up with a design for a T-shirt, mug, tote bag, or a number of other products and submit it to and they will sell it for you!
What do you have to do? Get creative!
How many hours do you work? As many as you’d like!
How much do you make? You will make a commission for the number of products that are sold using your original design. You can set the price for the products to whatever you’d like, from 10% to 99% of the retail price.
What do you need to do this job? Nothing but a good amount of creativity!
So how do I get started? Click here to start creating!


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