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Hungry for a successful career? Craving an internship in an industry that you actually enjoy? Look no further because Intern Sushi wants to help you land amazing internships in hard-to-break-into industries like fashion, sports, publishing, and music. Using the technology and social dynamics of the web, Intern Sushi is able to connect the brightest and most talented interns (collegiettes of course!) with the best companies around.

With the catchy slogan, "Be Picky," Intern Sushi is all about encouraging collegiettes to approach internships in the same way a sushi connoisseur approaches the delicious, Japanese cuisine. CEO and co-founder of Intern Sushi, Shara Senderoff, explains, “People should be picky about where they intern, and companies should be picky about who they hire.”

One of the most unique aspects of the site is the digital profile. Senderoff was perplexed as to why certain industries that prize storytelling still relied on the anonymous and mundane résumé. With hopes of changing this, Senderoff came up with the idea of a digital profile. This profile uses various multimedia platforms including one-minute videos to change the way interns and companies tell their stories. In addition to the innovative, multimedia aspects of the profile, interns will outline their education, experience, skills and interests as well as upload any writing samples, photos, and other material to complete their professional story.

Once the profile is complete, you are able to select the location, industry, and category of the internships that you are interested in seeking. Applications can be easily filled out and tracked through the Intern Sushi site. Hiring managers from the companies will engage directly with the you to arrange interviews and offers will even come right through the site! Imagine how nice it would be to have all of your applications, contact information, and corporate communication in one place. No more searching through deleted email messages, frantically trying to find contact information, or worrying about whether your application was actually received.

Intern Sushi can even help you out once you have secured a fabulous internship at your dream corporation. Once hired, interns can use various widgets and tools to be more efficient. In addition, interns will enjoy exclusive video and written content broken down by industry into key concepts, key terms and key players. Think of it as an online cheat sheet that will help you to become more knowledgeable in your field. You will be able to impress all your co-workers with your newfound knowledge as well as demonstrate your impeccable intern abilities.

Intern Sushi is like a one-stop shop for all your interning needs, so what are you waiting for? Create your profile, make a fun video if you so desire, start filling out and submitting those applications, communicate with experts from highly respected industries, and learn all about interning in your specific industry. Intern Sushi simplifies, accelerates, and elevates traditional hiring procedures, making your internship search process that much easier. Satiate your professional hunger by getting a taste of Intern Sushi. You won’t be disappointed.


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