I Tried The Unicorn Hair Trend & Loved It

This year just might be the year of the unicorn. 2017 has brought us everything from unicorn toast, unicorn poop (totally real but mostly glitter), and I know you remember those crazy few days the unicorn frap existed. Rightfully so, the unicorn hair trend is at this party too. Being that I am obsessed with any and everything colorful and unicorn related, and of course, have dyed my hair pink already, I had to add a few more colors to my life (and insta), and found the best way to do so was to continue to lean into the unicorn trend.



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I had previously bleached my hair towards the bottom and had used semi-permanent Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye ($16) in Chocolate Cherry. After a couple months of fade from this color, I knew it was time to add new ones to brighten my hair up. For this unicorn hair experiment, I used Joico Instatints ($10) in six different shades: Mermaid Blue, Sapphire Blue, Hot Pink, Pink, Light Purple, and Orchid. 


Felt like being a unicorn for a day #hairjoi #joico #instatints

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I figured out a couple things while doing this experiment. One thing I learned is that you have to spray lightly. I started to spray too much and my hair got a little too crunchy and that made it difficult to style. The color will still show up bold af. Another is don't forget to lay a towel down over the surrounding surfaces! I almost sprayed the white bathroom door pink, purple and blue (sorry mom and dad!!). Finally, definitely don't brush your hair after you've sprayed the colors in because that will just take the color out.

It was so fun using these! I loved how bright the colors came out and it was so easy. I just sprayed a little here, sprayed some on there and poof! I was a unicorn. I’m truly living my best life here. Joico Instatints are great too because they come out after one wash in the shower. So, I can be a unicorn Friday night, a mermaid Saturday, and then who knows? Maybe I’ll pull off Rihanna-red on Sunday. The limit does not exist. Definitely check out Joico Instatints for all your #HairGoals.

Marisa Pieper is a student at Arizona State University studying Fashion and Communication. She loves to discuss the latest style and beauty trends, is always excited to see what everyone is digging at the moment and loves to talk politics (miss you Barack and Michelle).

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