This Hashtag Celebrates Black Hair in the Best Way

This past weekend saw Twitter flooded with users showing off their hair, using the hashtag #blackhairchallenge. The challenge, which asks people to submit photos of their hair in four different styles, blew up after user @MelaninMamis created the hashtag.

After only a couple of days, thousands of people had uploaded picture after picture of their gorgeous hair, with many commenting on how the challenge made them appreciate their hair more and inspired them to try out new styles. Here are some of the highlights—summer hair inspiration, anyone?

About The Author

Claire Biggerstaff is a junior at Davidson College, where she is pursuing a major in English with a minor in French. She is unabashedly obsessed with everything beauty and skin care and aspires to be a #instafamous makeup artist one day. (You can follow her on IG @coppermakeup if you’d like to make that dream a reality). When she’s not experimenting with the latest and greatest trends, you can find her watching The X-Files and sipping hot chocolate.

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