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What I'll Notice When I Meet You

Posted May 14 2013 - 9:29pm
This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% our own.


People often want to know what gets them noticed. While it differs for all people (beware all men: my BFF will stare at your arms), I will tell you that I always notice eyes. Now, I should mention, I do not often notice eye colors, but I notice the shape, eyelashes, and how warm a person seems based on their eyes.

It’s funny that despite my love of a good set of peepers, I never notice eye color. This drives my mom and sister insane and they have taken to playing a game with me called “What Color Eyes Do _____ Have?” The result was: if you have brown eyes, I’ll guess them by default, and unless you have absolutely piercing blue eyes, I’ll have no recollection of them. Oops.


These are some un-ignorable blue eyes


What is it about his eyes?!


This love of eyes, has also inspired by own beauty routine. Obviously there is the standard moisturizing, face washing, etc. But a lot of my beauty routine is focused on my eyes.

I like to accentuate my own blue eyes – and I love nothing more than when someone compliments them (hint, hint). I like to wear a dark eyeliner (occasionally will incorporate a bit of blue eyeliner in there) and two different mascaras (a lengthening and a plumping) to make my lashes pop. To me, good eyes can make or break someone, so I want to “make” my eyes look as accentuated as I can. And if I only have 2 minutes to put on makeup, you can bet it will all be on my eyes.

Furthermore, this interest in eyes runs so deep that for an art project once I cut out a ton of pictures of eyes from magazines and collaged them in this interesting way. It was super creepy to look at that many eyes, but at the same time, so fascinating. You should be glad we don’t post that on Her Campus (which may only be because my mom eventually tossed it saying it creeped her out…but whatever).

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