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Russell Hammond

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Hurricane Sandy Relief

Hurricane Sandy has devastated the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.  Residents are trying to put their lives back together in the aftermath, but it hasn’t been easy.  Vermonters, knowing the hardships from Irene, have rallied together to send relief to those affected by Sandy.   Nowhere are these relief efforts more apparent than right here on campus.  Many students and faculty have family back in the affected areas and are doing all they can to send help back home.  Father Brian, from Jersey, put out a second collection on Sunday, November 18 in Saint Michael’s Chapel to fund M.O.V.E. (Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts) efforts in sending relief to those in New Jersey and New York.  The reality of Sandy hit Professor Smith, from Asbury Park, N.J., full force as she sat in her office tearing up over a video of the devastation in her hometown set to a Springsteen tune.     With homelessness and hunger awareness month in November, M.O.V.E. has motivated the student body to contribute to a food drive.  They have also asked students to see what it’s like to be homeless by spending some time in a shelter that is dubbed by the students as “the shack.”  After a month of raised awareness, the students have been compelled to action in SMC’s outpour of relief to those affected by Sandy.  With the funding from Saint Michael’s Chapel, M.O.V.E. will soon be sending care packages to the affected areas.  

Improv Night


Down in the dusty depths of McCarthy, upon entering the main entrance and down and around a few hallways, one will arrive at the green room. Here, every Tuesday at 9 p.m., there is an improv group that plays various improvisation games to improve their acting skills, but really, it’s mostly it’s for laughs and a good time.

This typical evening of uproarious laughter follows a certain schedule. Usually a game of park bench starts off the night. It involves two players- one is considered the “straight” person who acts normal on the park bench and the other player does everything he or she can to get the straight person off the bench. This can involve anything from spooking them with a twisted sense of humor to making them feel terribly awkward and compelled to leave.

Some highlights include “Questions”, which involves two players acting out a scene, but the rule is that neither of them can speak in anything but questions. As soon as one makes a statement, hesitates, or repeats a question, they step out and another player takes his or her place. Another game is Freeze Tag, in which the improv group circles up and two players in the center are positioned by two other players and they have to justify why they are in the position they are placed in. Once they justify themselves, other players are asked to stop the scene by saying, “Freeze” and taking the place and pose of one of the players. The newcomer and the remaining player must again justify the funny pose they now find themselves in.

Dr. Know-it-all has five players link arms to form one “doctor” that answers questions asked by the other players. However, there’s a catch: each of the five players can only say one word in response. Thus, each player says his or her word and it is up to the group to comprehensively answer the question asked.