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Louisa Holmberg

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Sam Kaplan '12


Name: Sam Kaplan
Year: 2012
Major: History
Dorm: Waldorf
Sport: Soccer
Favorite author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Currently reading: Boomerang by Michael Lewis
Plans for next year: Working at Citigroup and living in New York City 

Five things you don’t know about

He loves the show Mad Men. In fact, he’s seen every single episode (some even three or four times). He’s even taking a seminar on it this semester! Last semester, he studied abroad in Tel Aviv.  He’s got an eye for interior design. Stop by his dorm and you’ll be amazed…sophisticated black and white color scheme, bar and barstools, mini putting green and more. He spent interterm travelling in Thailand. You won’t find him in sweatpants and old t-shirts very regularly…Sam’s got an impressive sense of style, his look is more Don Draper than average Joe. 

Wheatberry: A Cozy Café on Main Street


I was lucky enough to have breakfast at Wheat Berry on Sunday morning, which proved to be a great experience. The bakery and café, located on Main Street and open seven days a week, is really charming. The cozy restaurant smells of freshly baked bread and pastries, making your mouth water right when you walk in. The décor is warm and homey, bushels of wheat line the windows, ceramic mugs hang from natural wood shelves, and your food comes on delicately painted mismatched plates.  I ordered eggs and toast while my friend had a raspberry croissant, and we were both extremely satisfied.
Our meals were simple, sure—scrambled eggs and toast aren’t hard to do—but Wheatberry’s version was delicious.  Everything tasted fresh and wholesome; you can tell the food is made right in their charming kitchen, not in some far away factory. Portions aren’t that big but they’re filling, as each meal is ripe with fresh ingredients that make each bite a treat. Their homemade bread, organic vegetables, and farm fresh eggs make a simple breakfast something to be savored.  That’s what makes Wheat Berry so wonderful: they make every day meals, but with extraordinary ingredients. Come stop by Wheat Berry if you’re in the mood for a pastry, breakfast, or lunch: you can expect to pay a bit of money (local ingredients don’t come cheap), but it’ll definitely be worth it.

Getting in Shape on Campus


Spring break is less than a month away, which means you only have to stick it out in this New England winter and suffer through the second semester workload for four more weeks before you get to enjoy a much needed vacation. For those of you planning on travelling, break promises a little bit more than your typical R&R, bringing with it beaches and bikinis as you head down towards the equator. And you know what that means…time to get in shape! HerCampus is thrilled to provide you with this list of helpful on campus resources for getting that beach bod in time for break.

 Take advantage of all the fun (and free!) workout classes offered weekly at the gym.

Zumba, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 5-6 Pilates, Thursday from 3-4 Spring Break Abs, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5 For the full list of classes, click here

 Contact the school nutritionist for a consultation, and develop your personal healthy eating plan.

To book an appointment, call 542-2266

Walk into town and check out the new spinning studio that just opened! They offer your standard spinning classes, as well as fusion classes that target other areas of your body, like Spin and Abs and Spin Yoga.

Sam Pritzker '14


Name: Sam Pritzker
Major: Economics and French
Hometown: Wayzata, MN
Dorm: Hitchcock
Favorite Part of the Amherst Experience: The people. Everyone here brings something interesting, and oftentimes unexpected, to the table.
If you could change one thing about Amherst it would be: Val.
Currently reading: I read The Shipping News by Annie Proulx for pleasure over break. Dostoyevsky’s The Double for class.
Currently listening to:The Black Keys and Atlas Sound.
If all classes were cancelled tomorrow, how would you spend your day? Catching up on homework. Boring, but true.
Best meal you’ve ever had: Le Bernardin in NYC.
Best concert: Wilco in 11/2007. Started an obsession with the band. Or My Morning Jacket in 6/2011.
Best trip: Italy, 8/2000. The medieval walled villages in Tuscany are so cool.
What makes someone a Lord Jeff? Passion. But really a passion for a diverse range of activities, beliefs, and areas of study. 

Christmas Lights in Northampton


Christmas Bears Eating Ice Cream