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February Formal Attire


It's that awkward time between Winter and Spring when you don't know whether it's acceptable or not to wear bright colors to formal yet. Most girls keep it neutral or just go with the classic LBD. We love the dresses these girls wore to their formals this past month.

From Left to Right: BCBG, Olivaceous from L.Bartlett, Tobi

What do you think about having a boyfriend in college?


Semi- Formal Style


Kristy Lee

Dress: BCBG Generation

Fall Afternoon Style


Victoria Waterhouse

Shoes: Vera Wang

Sweater: Helmut Lang

Shorts: Joie

Beanie: Club Monaco

Clutch: YSL

Sunglasses: RayBans

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SMU Retail Club's Fall Fashion Show



SMU Retail Club presents a Woodland Wonderland fashion show! Join us this upcoming Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Meadow's Taubman Atrium in the Owen Fine Arts Building. Looks from The Gypsy Wagon will be featured down the runway modeled by SMU students! There will be food, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Hot Chocolate from Starbucks, music provided by Hunter Higgins, and fashion.

Click here for more information:

Healthy Eating at Umph



Staying skinny as a freshman is hard enough with the drinking, hangovers, and resulting lack of energy for the gym. Having to eat at umph with a hangover also plays a major role in those few extra pounds that just keep increasing every time you step on the scale, especially when you wake up craving something greasy and the first thing you see walking into that god forsaken cafeteria is fresh pizza, a pasta line, and the smell of freshly baked, warm, just out of the oven cookies. Like, are they trying to make us women fat? I’m still convinced yes, but there are ways to get around it.

The omelets are a great choice for protein and some veggies to start your day, but watch out for those sneaky cafeteria workers because they tend to smother it with oil right before the egg is added. Ask for the spray instead and maybe swap for the egg whites, and of course don’t forget to add your veggies!

Another great option umph offers that I always overlooked freshman year because of my desperate need for carbs is the vegan section. Fresh brown rice and grilled veggies are common items in that area, and though it might not sound too satisfying or appetizing, you will thank yourself later when you’re squeezing into your tight little outfit on Thursday at Avenu.

The sandwich and salad bars are another great place to create a low cal lunch. You can never go wrong sticking to greens and lean proteins, or maybe even tofu! Sometimes if you are lucky the person behind the counter will happily make you a wrap or sandwich of your choice, but try sticking to the spinach wrap or whole wheat bread…it may not be as tasty as sourdough but it sure is better for your legs.

Fiercest Ladies on TV



Fiercest Ladies on TV

Recently, women actresses are killing it on the TV screen. They are powerful, in control, and most importantly, sassy. Their witty comebacks combined with their fashion forward outfits make them unstoppable. Not only are they smart, but they are confident in their talents, abilities, and themselves. Nothing is sexier than a girl who knows who she is and is damn proud of it.

Donna – From Suits

This fiery redheaded secretary prides herself on her confidence, poise, wit, and shoes. She knows everything and anything going on in the law firm, utilizing “gossiping” (a characteristic used as a derogatory term by men) as her secret weapon. Favorite tag line: “I’m Donna. I know everything.” Her ability to observe every knack of a person allows her to predict their calculated moves and in turn react before they even strike. She’s Harvey’s right-hand women and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Not to mention, we all know they are secretly in love .. if that doesn’t make her a boss, I don’t know what does!

Olivia Pope – Scandal

Not only is she jaw-droppingly stunning with her big brown eyes and perfectly done hair, but she controls every situation, no matter how insane the circumstances. Her job in itself is to be a “fixer” of problems (no other job can top that). Furthermore, she’s sought after by every guy around, including the President of the United States. Her friends, known as gladiators, would die for her – and let me tell you, that loyalty only comes around when someone is really special. Her ability to handle anything that is thrown her way makes her a must watch this season.

Freshmen Rules for Surviving First Semester


Freshmen: Take notes off these key and crucial rules to having fun, keeping a good rep, and surviving first semester.

Rule #1: Don’t be the drunk, sloppy girl that can probably map out who lives in what room in every frat house. For us ladies, survival of the fittest is who can withstand the fake flattery and oh-too tempting sleepovers with frat boys the longest.

Rule #2: Get a planner. Staying organized is essential and there is no better way to do it than writing it out on a tangible schedule.

Rule #3: Make friends with your roommate. It is so much easier to go out and meet people with someone by your side…that extra boost of confidence is always a plus! The buddy system is the key to making it back to your room most nights.

Rule #4: GO OUT and meet as many people as you can. Don’t stick to a specific clique because you will end up limiting yourself to a small group. Everyone will be looking for friends to latch onto, so take advantage of the opportunity!

Rule #5: Get involved. You’ll find yourself with a shocking amount of down time this semester so why not get involved! It’s a great way to meet even more people and start building your résumé early.

Rule #6: Don’t take too heavy of a load for classes…ease into classes until you get the jist of it. You will be extremely overwhelmed when trying to balance 18 hours and a strong social life your first semester, so why not take 13-15 to let yourself get situated and figure out how this college thing works.

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire



We’ve all been there, done that, and watched that white little lie slip out between our lips. It happens. We rationalize, telling ourselves that it was for the better and that telling the person the truth would be more hurtful than telling a fib. In some aspects, it even saves our own sanity, scared to face the absolute, stark reality of the truth. But, getting in the habit of lying on the regular can cause major problems in your life, your relationships, and your friendships. Not only do people lose their trust in you, but in your character as well.

In a relationship, trust is crucial. You should be able to feel comfortable enough with yourself and him to be honest. There’s no point in being bluntly rude to a fault, but when you have something to tell him, there’s no better option then to let it all out or you’ll live the rest of your relationship in fear of him finding out. If you guys as a couple can’t face the truth together, then you probably aren’t strong enough to handle the trials and tribulations of the average relationship. It’s going to suck for the first couple weeks. You will have to deal with the consequences of your actions and telling the truth, yet this will outweigh the consequences of lying to him in the future. The present pain will slowly wilt away and trust will regain itself.