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Karen Tan

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Small Things for Big Changes: 10 Tips and Tricks for Going Green at DePauw



Earth Day may be in April, but that shouldn’t stop you from continually “being green” throughout the whole year. The Earth is currently in a critical state and every little bit helps create a cleaner and more sustainable place to live. Besides, haven’t you heard: green is the new black. Here are 10 stylish ways to go green.


Short and simple. Every facility on campus has a beautiful, bright, blue bin (tongue twister?) at your disposal for all your recycling needs.

Get that firm booty and save the planet! Ride a bike!

DePauw has initiated a Rent a Bike program; all you need is your student ID and credit card. Go to Walden Inn and rent a bike for 24 hours. You’ll be saving the Earth while toning that booty for Spring Break. It’s a win-win situation!

Even though DePauw isn’t exactly surrounded by a booming metropolitan area, it does offer beautiful scenery. Take it in and take a casual bike ride to relieve some stress.

Turn off the lights.

No need to explain this one. Just remember to flick ‘er off when you leave the room. Eazy peezy.

Use a power strip

Living in the dorms and sharing can be a drag especially when it’s the weekend and both of you need to straighten, curl or blow-dry your hair WHILE playing music to set the mood. There never seem to be enough outlets! By getting and a power strip, all of these things can be done without becoming frustrated with your roomie for taking too long to style her hair. And, when you guys are headed out for the night, the outlet can be easily switched off. Now you don’t just look good, you feel good, as the queen of energy conservation.

A Meal Fit for a First Lady


 Recently, the First Lady (Michelle Obama), General Surgeon (Regina Benjamin) and the Secretary of Agriculture unveiled the predecessor of the old and outdated food pyramid. No longer will we refer to the triangular shape for our needed serving sizes, instead the latest icon for nutrition is the “MyPlate.”

This new and inventive display resembles a “blueprint” for what a healthy meal should look like. In the old pyramid model; carbohydrates/grains were placed at the bottom which gave people the misperception that carbohydrates was what was best for your body. It is true that carbohydrates are important to fuel the body and give you energy to fuel you through your 8:10 or 9:20 classes, but there is a difference between good and bad carbs.


To put it simply, simple carbs are no-no’s; they are what you find in candy, cakes, and white bread. Your body is able to digest these faster which means you’ll get the initial burst of energy (or “sugar high”) but will leave you starving before your 11:30 class is even over! Stick to high fiber and starches are made of longer strands of molecules which takes longer for your body to digest making you feel fuller longer and less likely to excessively indulge.

Your best carbohydrate options are oatmeal and whole grains. The Hub always offer oatmeal in the mornings. Toss some granola, blueberries or raisins in and your ready to dash to your morning class. Get your sandwich made with wheat or rye bread. At the core of these grains it’s filled with vitamin e, iron, zinc and so much more.


5 Tiger “MUSTS”


Wishing a warm welcome to all of the bright new faces and fellow returning classmates! It’s going to be another wonderful year (fingers crossed!) in our cozy Greencastle niche. We’ve said goodbye to mom and dad; hello college life! Here are some key “MUSTS” to becoming (or staying) a true DePauw Tiger:
Grades. First and foremost, this may be cliché to say but … GRADES ARE IMPORTANT. Even though DePauw holds its place in the Top 20 of Princeton Review’s best party schools list for 2012, we fell in the rankings from #50 to #79 on Forbes’ list of Best Colleges in America (calculated in July 2012). It’s crucial now more than ever to prove that while we do play hard, we work even harder. Don’t skimp out on quality time with Roy O. West, and gather up the courage to meet with professors when needed.

Greek Life. Oh, wonderful, wonderful Greek life (am I coming off as a little biased?). As you enter the beautiful campus of DePauw University, with all its luscious greenery and tasteful architecture, the next sights likely to catch your eye are the numerous Greek chapter houses full of character and history. These houses may seem intimidating to walk by but as you look past the superficial ‘presence’ of these buildings, you’ll see that they are actually humble abodes to many bright young men and women on campus (more than 50% of upperclassmen to be specific). DePauw and Greek Life go hand-in-hand. This is because joining the Greek system means much more than friendship. It calls for philanthropic duties, strong GPA’s, and offers great networking connections. What’s not to love about recruitment?