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Jonielle Lowman

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Q-U-A-D Take the Number One Spot


After being defeated by their main rival in the academic debate, the ladies of the Tubman Quadrangle refused to take anything other than 1st place in the remaining events. Securing first place in the Resfest 2012 Step Show and Dance Competition, the Tubman Quadrangle ladies hold the title of Resfest 2012 Champions.
Decked out in their yellow and white on the night of the step show, the ladies of the Quad took the stage and wowed the audience in Cramton Auditorium. They executed a highly captivating performance and possessed undeniable energy, which landed them in front of their competitors. Maintaining their victory, they did even better in the dance competition held in the Burr Gymnasium, once again impressing the judges and making their lively supporters proud.


They scored 215 points overall, putting the Bethune Annex ladies, who won the stroll competition, in second place with 170 points. Coming in third place with 165 points were the gentlemen of Drew Hall, leaving the other dorms trailing behind.
The Overall Scores are as follows:

Get Your Search on, Bison


As if the tuition increase that took effect just last semester wasn’t enough, the financial struggle for Howard University students continue to heighten even more. Many continuing students face the possibility of not being able to return to Howard University due to financial reasons.