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Jillian Lubetkin

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Gearing Up For School


Have you hit that point yet?  Summer suddenly feels like it’s caving in on you?  Didn’t you just start your internship last week?  And school starts when?! In just a few days?  When did this happen?  How is this possible? Where did the summer go?

We seem surprised each year when we hit this point, as if we didn’t feel the exact same way precisely a year earlier. However, I am thoroughly convinced that this summer the rate at which time advances has actually accelerated. Whether you support my hypothesis or not, the truth of the matter is, school is just around the corner.  Rather than turn a blind eye to the inevitable, take these last few days of summer to prep yourself for the year to come.

Turn Your Summer Internship Woes to Woahs


So you’re a summer intern. Instead of spending your June and July days frolicking on the sands of pristine beaches, nursing daiquiris, and snapping photos to instantly add to your Facebook mobile uploads, you find yourself indoors.  Trapped.  Perhaps in a room with no windows. Yes, you are pursuing one of your summer goals-- to advance your career and get your feet wet in an industry that inspires and excites you.  But, if you are anything like me, you are neglecting another one of your summer goals - to morph your skin color from a ghastly shade of alabaster (solidified by nine months of the year in a seemingly sunless Cambridge) to a more bronzed, well, shade of crème.

While you recognize that, in theory, you are doing something great for yourself, you may find yourself overcome by a sense of dissatisfaction and frustration.  What am I doing here?  Am I even really contributing?  While some of us are lucky enough to truly get involved in our company’s work, others of us are stuck making photocopies, sending emails, and filing papers.  While I have had the opportunity to actually contribute to my boss’ work, I still occasionally find myself dissatisfied.  Like when I’m asked by a film producer to pick up a vanilla latte, double shot, two packs of sugar, and in return get no monetary reimbursement, eye contact, please, or thank you, I feel disheartened.

Isabel Carey, President of Harvard Radcliffe Dramatic Club


This week, we recognize Massachusetts native and Lowell House resident Isabel Carey as Campus Celebrity!  A junior studying History and Science, Isabel has starred in many on campus productions and serves as President of both the Harvard Radcliffe Dramatic Club and the Harvard College Stage Designers Collective. To avoid the nagging paparazzi (after all, she is a celebrity…), Isabel turns to her honed-in-high-school cross-country skills.
Isabel has been singing and acting since she was five and chose to attend Harvard because of its art scene.  She craves a career in the theater, though is unsure as of yet whether to pursue a post-collegiate career in acting or production.
How did you become President of the Harvard Radcliffe Dramatic Club and what exactly does the HRDC do?
I was elected in November by my peers on the HRDC board after serving as publicity coordinator my sophomore year.  I help to oversee the board which runs common casting and produces eight to ten productions a semester on the Loeb Mainstage and the Loeb Experimental Theater.  This year, we’ve really tried to improve our archiving and alumni relations as well as our publicity efforts, working alongside American Repertory Theater.
Tell us about your experience with Harvard College Stage Designers Collective.
This organization is much smaller and organizes events of interest for the design community.  We run a mentorship program for new designers on campus.  In fact, over spring break we visited Tony Award winning set designer Derk McLane!  It’s been extremely exciting to oversee its growth!
What is the hardest part about acting?

Mark Daniel Pollak '12


Name: Mark Daniel Pollak
Year: 2012
Concentration: Economics
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Activities: Harvard Golf Team, skiing
Celebrity Crush: Kate from Lost
Most embarrassing moment: Waking up in the middle of a street in Venice…
Favorite place in the square: Adams House, duh
Superpower of choice: Have the ability to talk to fish
Describe yourself in word: Awesome