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Jenny Angeli

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Designing for the Stage: Karin Kopischke '80


Did you happen to venture to the conservatory at all this year to see one of the many productions? Well if you did, you can thank Karin Kopischke for the beautiful costumes. Karin is a Lawrence alum and has her time spent as a student here to thank for steering her in the right direction. She said “Being a costume designer, you have to have a basic knowledge of theatre, literature, world history, cultural history, psychology, art, fashion & textiles. Lawrence gave me a wonderful Liberal Arts base from which to work. It also instilled a love of learning, and a sense that anything was possible.” She graduated from Lawrence with a B.M in Piano Performance, a B.A in Studio Art and a Theatre minor. Before becoming a costume designer Karin worked as an art curator and a musical director.

What exactly does she do you ask? Well she is a free-lance costume designer and her job has taken her all over the United States, Canada and even Great Britain. Before being hired to be the head of the costume design program at Lawrence this past fall, Karin taught design at DePaul University, Northwestern University and Carroll University. Many of the designs she creates for new plays and operas have published, meaning she is the Costume Designer of record in those published scripts and scores. One of her most recent productions, the opera “Silent Night” at the Minnesota Opera Company, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize! “My proudest accomplishment is actually making a living doing what I love – designing costumes!”

Thomas Henry Chestnutt '14


Name: Thomas Henry Chesnutt

Year: Sophomore Major: Ping Pong Relationship status: Single What's playing on your iPod: Frigg, Cloudkicker, Brahms, and Trombone Shorty. 6 things you can't live without: My music library, glasses, LOTR, humor, bagels with cream cheese and jelly, and the ocean... wait, that one doesn't work. Interesting facts about yourself: My poker name is "Skip" and I brush my teeth in the shower.

Coffee: Friend or Foe?


We are college students, up late writing papers, studying for midterms, staying up until all hours on the weekends, so it makes sense that we are addicted to caffeine.  However, did you ever stop and think how many calories are in your café mocha, non-fat milk and ‘no whip’? Well it has about 220 calories for only a 16 ounce drink. Many of us have more than one caffeine fix a day so you can consume over 500 calories without taking a bite.

Plain black coffee on the other hand only has about 10 calories in a medium sized cup. It is not the coffee itself that may be causing your weight gain, but rather the add-ins that up the caloric intake.  One tablespoon of both chocolate and table sugar has 50 calories apiece. Yes, your drink might taste better with lots of sugar and caramel drizzle but remember, a moment on the lips, but forever on the hips.

Before you head to your favorite coffee spot, make sure you check their nutritional information online. Starbucks, for instance, nicely lays out all their nutritional information on their website so you can see that there are 440 calories in that peppermint white chocolate mocha.  The average latte has anywhere from 200-400 calories for a medium drink--so be wary!

So, does this mean you can’t enjoy a latte now and then? Of course not! Just try to limit your intake of fattening coffee drinks. For your day to day coffee intake, try to follow these tips:

Gustav Lindgren '15


Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden 
Major: Vocal 
Single or taken: Married, two kids
First thing you notice in a girl: Personality 
What's playing on your iPod: Bed of Roses or Drop in the Ocean
Five things you can't live without: My guitar, my wax, my boots, my Westlife Cd and the picture of my wife 
Your most embarrassing moment: Pass, next question please?

Rejection 101: What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger


You are not wanted….

Not the kind of thing you like to hear is it? Sadly, we deal with rejection on a daily basis from our bosses, teachers and, in general, people we like. No matter who it comes from or the situation it comes up in, rejection hurts and learning to deal with it properly is a necessary life skill. 
Applying for a spot in the study abroad program, rushing for a sorority, or running for president of a club are all great examples of how you can try your best and be shot down. It feels rotten knowing someone did not want you or see you fit for a position, but all things happen for a reason. Through your anger or hurt it is hard sometimes to see the good in a situation and we hyper-focus on the negative. Life is full of opportunities and sometimes the best ones come from unexpected situations. Take a breath before you say something you regret. Once you say something, you can’t take it back, so wait until you are by yourself to let out any emotions you are harboring. Sometimes in the heat of our anger, we take things out on the people we love or those who tried to help us.

Lawrence Basketball Crushed by Carroll Pioneers


Our LU Vikings took on the Pioneers of Carroll College Tuesday night. Hoping to walk away with a conference win, the boys were knocked back on their heels as Carroll hit 11 of their first 13 shots.  Though a rough start for the Vikings, both Tyler Mazur and Tyler Crisman scored nine points a piece to lead the Vikings. Despite the best effort from the Vikings, Carroll was on fire and had a commanding lead of 18 points with 11:30 left in the first half. Whether it was the cheering fans, the determined coach or the sheer dedication of the Vikings, Carroll’s lead was cut down to only 3 points with 3:48 left in the half. In addition to the great comeback in the first half junior captain and crowd favorite Conor Klusendorf had an incredible dunk sending the fans to their feet! The first half ended with a score of 44-35 to Carroll.

Unfortunately for the Vikings, the break gave Carroll the energy to come back in hard, this time hitting 8 of their first 14 shots. Unable to match the play of Carroll, the Vikings ended up losing by 28 points with the score being 91-63 at the buzzer. Though a tough loss, the Vikings gave it their best shot! Sophomore Chris Siebert led the team in rebounds having two offensive and three defensive rebounds and fellow sophomore Max Burgess hit two crucial three pointers!

In an interview with Klusendorf after the game he had this to say about the team’s strengths and weaknesses, “This year we have made big strides in understanding our offense, but as always, it could be better. We are still looking to improve on a couple things, but our defense and rebounding are probably the biggest things. They are, after all, the cornerstones of great teams!”

End-of-the-Week Chic


Phil Buschbacher '15 proves that you can be both studious and stylin'.