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Jamie Blynn

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As If!: 90 Things We Miss Most from the '90s


From our favorite games and television shows to the worst (but secretly the best) fashion choices, there are a million (or just 90) things that pull at the heartstrings of any true ‘90s kid. Though our golden days of reading the very first Harry Potter book and jamming out with boomboxes are behind us, we can still reminisce about everything that made our childhood so “da bomb!” We’ve compiled a list of our 90 favorite ‘90s trends, toys, and totally hip things that rocked our scrunchies off and had us saying “boo ya!” and “as if.”

Fashion (Faux Pas?)

1. Butterfly Clips: We had them in every color, so therefore we felt the need to wear them… all at once.

2. Scrunchies: “I cringe every time I see someone wearing them now. They were possibly the worst fashion idea ever.” - Hillary, Ohio University

3. Best Friend Necklaces: Friendship circles changed by the lunch hour, so best friend necklaces flew off the shelves at Claire’s… because you’re not true friends if you can’t declare it on a necklace.

4. Slap Bracelets: These were the most dangerous of accessories—I’m hoping these went out of style due to government banning.

5. Tattoo Chokers: It’s still up for debate whether these were fashion forward do’s or fashion police-worthy don’ts, but I must admit, I can be seen rocking this look in a majority of my elementary school class photos (and I’m sure it’s true for the rest of you, too).

17 Reasons Why The Real World Isn’t So Bad


Spoiler alert: the after (college) life does exist, and it’s called, drum roll… the real world.  After four years (give or take a few) of nonstop studying, partying, studying, and more partying, the time eventually comes to trade in the textbooks and light-up shot glasses for a serious dose of reality.  But before you check yourself in on campus as the new, perpetual Van Wilder, we recommend thinking again—the glory days aren’t officially kaput yet.  There’s always a silver lining (or 17). In the wise words of Alice Cooper, school’s out forever!

1. Bye-bye, textbooks. Remember how you spent about a gazillion dollars (but actually) on books that you wouldn’t crack open until that last week of the semester? Well, those days are over.  Lucky for you, the real world is an “experiences” kind of place, so you won’t necessarily be finding the answers to life in an overpriced book.

2. And hello, leisurely reading!  Got a stack of books that have been piling up since you graduated high school? Or, are you not really a bookworm but want to test the waters by skimming the book your favorite movie was based on (The Great Gatsby, anyone?)? Whatever the case may be, now you actually have time to read… for fun.  Reading boring, dry books isn’t something you have to do anymore. Instead, you can pick up a trashy beach read and not have to worry about writing a detailed analysis about the main characters’ love lives and what that means to the overall theme of the book.

How to Change Your Behavior from Intern to Employee


Congratulations, you landed yourself a job! That alone is a BFD and you totally deserve a solid pat on the back.  But with your new career also comes that seemingly daunting, scary idea of the real world.  News flash: you’re no longer an innocent intern, you’re (gasp) a legitimate employee!  So before sauntering into the workplace on the first day, there are a few changes that you may need to make to ensure that you’re acting like a full-time staffer—it’s goodbye college classes and hello extended chats at the water cooler.  To help you make the transition from intern to real live working girl, we talked to Vicki Salemi, the chief of Career Boot Camp for College Grads—a three-month program that teaches graduates how to strategize and create action plans—and author of Big Career in the Big City, to give you all the tips and tricks you need to know.

The Basics

You have probably proven yourself at past internships and wowed employers during the interview process, but now that you finally landed the full-time gig, it’s officially time to shine.  And just where do you begin? Square one: take yourself and your job seriously.

To prove how much you care to your employer, Salemi recommends, “arriving to work on time, keeping your workspace neat, looking and acting professional, and being a solid team player.” But let’s break that down even more. 

4 Love Lessons From Our Favorite ‘90s TV Couples


In our college lives, a crush, a hook-up, or even a relationship can sometimes last about as long as our interest in the most boring lecture ever. While you’re Facebook-stalking your latest obsession, another campus cutie walks by and suddenly it’s like, “Who’s Steve, again?” But, for those hopeless romantics out there who are dreaming of their epic college romances, finding the right guy can be a little difficult — to say the least. Between busy schedules, wandering eyes, and, you know, actually finding that special someone, it’s no surprise that we look back on our favorite ‘90s couples who seemed to have it all. Although they may have been lucky in love, they each conquered some serious obstacles that brought them to where they are today (or would be today if the series hadn’t ended, of course). So, since we’re feeling a little nostalgic, we’re taking a look back at those ultimate ‘90s TV couples and what we can learn from their relationships.

Donna Martin and David Silver from Beverly Hills, 90210

Happily Ever After? How The Disney Princesses Are Ruining Your Love Life


“Mirror mirror on the wall, will my lab partner ask me out, after all?”

It’s a tale as old as time: girl meets boy, girl obsesses over boy, and girl does something stupid to chase boy away. Obviously, our college years aren’t synonymous with a happily ever after that includes a sunset and a Celine Dion soundtrack, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream—we may just have to settle for a “castle” (read: frat house) instead. But sitting on the couch rewinding our favorite Disney classics hoping for lust, love, and for our sadly unattractive classmate to magically turn into the hottest campus cutie (hey, it worked for Belle), isn’t exactly helping. In fact, come to think of it, our beloved Disney Princesses aren’t necessarily the greatest role models, to say the least — I don’t see a fairy godmother appearing at my doorstep ready to dress me to the nines. So just where are our royal role models steering us wrong? We’ve hovered over are classic VHS tapes and have uncovered the lessons you shouldn’t be taking from our idolized princesses.

Ariel: The less you wear, the more likely he’s going to like you

I’ll give her some credit because she does land Prince Eric, who’s definitely one of the hotter cartoon princes, but other than that, the undersea princess couldn’t be more desperate for her man’s attention. Not only does she compromise her voice for a pair of legs — um, hello so much more maintenance!—but she silently (literally) waits around in a barely-there shell bikini for Eric to come her way. And it totally works: the less you wear and the quieter you are, the more likely you’ll be able to land the man of your dreams.

8 Things NOT To Do For Your Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day


Out of all 365 days in a year, Valentine’s Day is the one where you really don’t want to screw up.  Your girlfriend has anxiously been waiting to nail down a Prince Charming (or at least a guy, in general) to wine and dine her on that special Hallmark day since basically forever.  She wants that ah-mazing date planned that she can go back and brag about to her single friends.  But just how do you make all that magic possible?  Well, you can start by totally, definitely avoiding everything on our eight things not do for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.  After that, the ball’s in your court—good luck, boys!

Plan a boys’ night and invite her to tag along

We get it; you like to bro out—eat wings, watch the big game, and scratch yourself, the usual.  But, it’s Valentine’s Day, and you could have literally picked any other day to plan a guys’ night. Rearrange your schedule so that your girlfriend is your number one choice for the day.  Once the clock strikes midnight, then you can go off and frolic with your boys.  But for 24 hours, you’re all hers.  Because let’s be honest, nothing says love and romance quite like an evening spent in front of the big screen with a couple of beers, some poker chips, and an endless trays of nachos.  Joke.

Pass out

The Single Girl’s Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day


Whoever said Valentine’s Day was just for paired off couples was seriously misguided. As young, fun, and amazingly awesome collegiettes, we definitely do not need a plus one to have a good time. So this V-Day, we’re saying whatever to romance, and hello to celebrating and loving (okay, obsessing) over ourselves—mourning flower shops’ and candy stores’ most treasured day is such a thing of the past. From outfit options and activities to recipes and gifts (for yourself, of course), HC has got you completely covered with a little help from our single girl’s guide to Valentine’s Day. Defy Cupid and make February 14th the best day, ever.

What to wear

Let’s be real, we all love to wear black. It’s timeless and classic and basically goes with everything. And while we’re totally for a great all black outfit, on V-Day it’s just too obvious of a choice. Yeah, you’re flying solo for the Hallmark holiday, but that doesn’t mean you have to literally look like you’re mourning your lack of a plus one with a side of romance. Puh-lease. So instead, spice things up with a splash of color. Studies actually show that wearing bright colors will instantly make you more cheerful and happy. We’re obviously not recommending you walk out in neon green spandex and a bright yellow sweater, but try something a little more festive than your go-to black leggings and chunky gray sweater. Since love is apparently in the air, go for something red, Bordeaux, or dare we say it, hot pink!

Pink Colored Skinnies, $15.80 from Forever 21

15 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boyfriend


We’ve all heard a million times since our pre-pre-collegiette days in elementary school: honesty is the best policy. Cool, we get it. But sometimes, telling the absolute truth isn’t always going to sway in your favor. As we’ve said before, when it comes to relationships, some things are just better left unsaid. So where do you draw the line between a friendly conversation and a complete over-share? Well, we’ve got you covered with our 15 secrets that you just should not tell your boyfriend—beware of the TMI!

“My period is really heavy today!”
He gets it: you’re a girl and you get your period. He probably even passed high school sex-ed with flying, crimson colors. That being said, just because he knows it biologically happens monthly, doesn’t mean he needs to know exactly when it’s happening, and he especially doesn’t want heavier details. If it’s a crime scene in your pants, please, keep it to yourself. Telling him “I’m on my period” is detail enough.

“Ugh, I’m just feeling so gassy today.”
Apparently, some guys missed the bio lesson that went over that one minor, yet hugely major, detail: we all go to the bathroom—I know, I was shocked too when I first found out (Ryan Gosling? Bathroom? What?). So now that we’re all on the same page about bodily functions, let’s get a few more things straight. Just because you’re feeling a little, well, a little bubbly per say, doesn’t mean you should go off flaunting your flatulence to your boyfriend. He knows you go, but at the same time, he doesn’t need to know you go. You catch my drift?

The 11 Worst Gifts to Get Your Boyfriend for the Holidays


‘Tis the season to obsessively shop for that extra special, absolutely perfect present for your flawless boyfriend (single collegiettes: don’t worry, we’re gagging too). But while you search far and wide for a gift that will blow his mind, be careful you don’t go too far out of the box. Nothing is more awkward than the OMG-I’m-pretending-to-like-this-gift-and-cover-up-how-stupid-I-think-it-is-with-my-overcompenstation face. So in the spirit of all things festive this holiday season, we’ve put together a list of the absolute worst presents to get your boyfriend. Think before you buy, and if you second-guess the gift for even a second, do us all a favor, and don’t get it—yes, it is a bad idea.

A photo album of what your future children would look like

Special shout-out to How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days for this nightmare notion. Nothing is scarier than seeing your future flash before your eyes years before you’re ready. Hello panic attack and claustrophobia. Not to mention, all those Internet face-morphing, baby-makers create some freaky looking children—seriously, your kid isn’t likely to have a unibrow like that (fingers crossed).

Justin Bieber concert tickets

Let’s be honest, we’re all Beliebers deep down (and don’t even try denying it). But odds are, your boyfriend doesn’t feel like spending a night surrounded by hoards of screaming, hysterically crying teenagers. You may be one less lonely girl, but if you invite him to a JB concert extravaganza, you can say goodbye to your plus one.

How to DTR (Define The Relationship)


Those first few days, weeks, or even months into your hook-up can be a rollercoaster of emotions. You may feel like you’ve finally met your soul mate, the Clyde to your Bonnie, the peanut butter to your jelly, or just the perfect distraction from all of life’s troubles. But there’s a catch—what kind of relationship are you in exactly? You’re head over heels, but just how exactly is he feeling? Is he, dare you say it, your boyfriend? Luckily, we talked to Kathleen Bogle, author of Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus, to give you a complete guide to defining your relationship and having “the talk” with him. You’ll never wind up being that girl referring to a random hook-up as your ex-boyfriend ever again (don’t worry, we’ve all been there).

When do you bring it up?

You meet a guy, you find out you share the same interests (breathing, sleeping, etc.), and suddenly, it’s like everything in the world has fallen into place. You’re floating through campus on cloud nine thinking about him, wondering if he’s thinking about you, and possibly picking out flower arrangements for a spring wedding. But just as quickly as those butterflies in your stomach appeared, an anxious feeling starts gnawing at you: where exactly is this relationship headed?

While some of us fall quicker and harder than others, we all know what it’s like to desperately be crushing after a certain someone. But when it comes down to it, lust at first sight doesn’t make a relationship – time does. Before rushing into the relationship conversation, take some time to get to know each other better.