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Deborah Weitzmann

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Discover Nottingham


Nottingham has a lot more to shout about than University Park Campus and the streets of Lenton, lined with student housing.  So try something different this semester and explore what the city has to offer beyond the legend of Robin Hood.

Why not visit the Lace Market, the alleged Soho of Nottingham? We don’t just mean for an alcohol-fuelled night at Market Bar, dancing to hip-hop classics. Once the heart of the world's lace industry during the days of the British Empire, it is now a protected heritage district full of impressive examples of 19th century industrial architecture. Take a stroll through the quaint cobbled streets. Oozing with charm, they offer an array of boutiques and high street shops to explore, as well as trendy cafes, tearooms and alehouses to sample.

Nottingham boasts a fascinating network of caves, with around 400 situated bellow the city’s streets.  Make sure to check out the history beneath your feet the next time you are hunting for student friendly bargains in the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre. A guided tour, located on the first floor, will take you underground to explore some of Nottingham’s hidden gems: a set of man-made caves dating back to 1250 lie underneath the premises.  Although rather gimmicky, this tourist attraction is inexpensive, fun and informative, allowing you to discover how the caves were formed and what they have been used for over the years. And, the best part? You get to wear a hard hat!

Life Blog: Graduation


With graduation looming around the corner, what is going to happen once your Nottingham bubble ‘pops’? It is time to start thinking ahead for those of you who are still living in the moment.

Many Nottingham students entered university straight after leaving school. If you have reached your final year without having experienced an unforgettable ‘gap yah’ volunteering in Africa, or a year abroad studying in South America, perhaps taking some time out to travel after graduation would be an appealing option. With plenty of organised programmes, it has become increasingly popular for recent graduates to explore the globe and immerse themselves in another culture (improving their CVs along the way) before the job-hunting process begins. Once you get a foot on the career ladder your holiday entitlement could become pretty limited, so this is a good chance to get the travel bug out of your system!

Going Home For Christmas: How To Make The Best Of It


Leaving university for Christmas is always a challenging time. On the one hand its exciting to head home for a bit, catch up with old school friends who you haven’t seen for a while, chill in front of the TV and be treated to some home cooked food (no more mystery meat from the dining halls on campus or a hearty meal of baked beans on toast for those in Lenton…). On the other hand, you have to readapt to living under your parents’ roof.

You have created a life for yourself at University but once you get back to the real world it is important to throw yourself back in and take advantage of all the opportunities you still have at home. Don’t forget to spend time with school friends, even though everybody’s lives have changed and different paths have been taken. Some friends may be scattered at universities across the country, and others may already be working. Whatever the case, you grew up with many of these people so even though they haven’t been in your day-to-day life for a while, a long catch up is way overdue. Plus it is exciting to hear about what’s new, if they have a lover in their life, and of course reminisce back to the days before you even knew that Crisis and Ocean existed.

Make sure to keep up with your work before the holidays. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can leave it all until you are home because you won't realise how busy you may be. Even relaxation time in front of the TV is necessary for you to recharge this Christmas after a busy semester, so try and get a head start on your exam revision and coursework now. Do remember to hand in your overdue library books before you leave or grab some books from Hallward because you may not have access to the material where you live.

Are Nights Out Becoming Deadly? The Dangers of Your Drinks


On Saturday 6th October a teenager had to have her stomach removed in an emergency operation after being served a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen. Gaby Scanlan, 18, was on a night out with friends in Lancaster to celebrate her birthday when she consumed the deadly frozen vapour. This story, although extreme, is an unfortunate example of the extent to which people assume that alcoholic beverages served in licensed premises are safe.

However, we mis-judge the safety of the places we go; an example being Gaby Scanlan’s case. Students need to be alerted to the dangers of beverages that have been made to look exciting or “fancy” by dangerous gimmicks, such as mixing too many types of liquors together or the adding of strange substances. Miss Scanlan’s Jagermeister drink had been made with liquid nitrogen to produce a steaming “cauldron effect”, and yet the inviting drink resulted in dire consequences. Drinks are not always regulated as they should be, and bartenders hand out so many in a given night that occasionally horror stories do occur.

The reality of drinking at a club