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Christine May

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Jena Graham Breaking into a Man’s World


You may have seen Jena busily hustling around campus with her demanding schedule. This sophomore Engineering major always has a full credit load and three jobs to juggle, but she never lets that slow her down. It is her drive and passion that will make Jena so successful in a male dominated career choice such as Computer Science. This girly girl is all pretty in pink on the outside and all business and brains when it comes to her work. Look out for Jena at UP!

Major: Computer Science Engineering

Minor: Math

Honors Student: 1 of 30 sophomore students chosen for honors, while over 300 applied!

Relationship: Cameron Miller, three years

Clubs: Society of Women Engineers

Internships: "I am interning in CodeSmart this summer in Olympia and Seattle."

Jobs: "I plan the Society of Women Engineer’s Career fair in Shiley with over forty company’s wanting to hire our students (not just females)! I also work at admission at front desk and a phone ambassador there."

Favorite thing this year? "Trip to Hawaii for SWE conference and meeting girls from other colleges. It felt good to meet other girls in my field in a fun setting and then be able to discuss our field and ideas. And moving off campus finally!"

Favorite Hobbies? "I like to play tennis, even though there isn't enough time. I love to spend way too much money shopping, cooking, constantly painting my nails, and spending time with the people I love."

Meet Joel Nightingale!


Meet Joel Nightingale!

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Grade: Junior

Relationship status: Single

What’s your perfect date? I would take her hiking during summer months to the base of a mountain. Once we hiked there, we would stop at a lake, swim and eat.

Favorite song: “I Will Survive” by Cake and “I Got” by Young the Giant

What do you in your spare time? I play guitar in the band “The Harm”
(, ski, hike, and play soccer.

What do you want to do after graduation? I am leaning towards Peace Corps and while serving in the Peace Corps, I will focus on figuring out what I want out of life.

In the great M&M debate, plain or peanut: Peanut, not even a debate.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Time travel.

One thing you miss about being a kid: Wearing sweatpants every day.

Should You Wax or Shave?


Summer is fast approaching and with it bikinis, shorts, dresses and the hot weather which comes with more of a need to shave. To proudly rock those bikinis we need to shave our legs and Bermuda triangle almost every day, and that can be annoying. An alternative to shaving is, of course, waxing. Now before you stop reading and think “OUCH!” or “Heck no! I cannot grow my hair out!” take the time to compare the benefits of waxing against the disadvantages.

The first thing you need to know is that there are different types of waxing options. For the sake of time, this article will only focus on the lower half of your body. You can wax from your knees down, your knees up, or the whole leg. As for your “no no square”, well the possibilities are endless. The main waxing options are: the bikini where just outside your panty line is waxed, the Brazilian which waxes everything front to back and the French which waxes everything but a small strip in the middle and the back. Also, most salons are willing to custom wax designs and leave any areas you do not want waxed alone. When I decided to give waxing a try, I decided to go big or go home. I chose the seemingly scary Brazilian wax. Some people however like to start out with a bikini wax just to gauge their comfort level.