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Ashley Duvall & Charlotte Lewis

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Ten Reasons Why: Flowers are an amazing present!


Like most girls I am a sucker for flowers (gerbera daisies, tulips…rarely roses). I was the little girl that wanted to open a flower shop when I got older just because. With fresh flowers sitting nearby and spring underway, it seems appropriate to appreciate flowers in a top-ten list. Whether you've got a boyfriend, parent, or best friend who doesn't know what to buy you or just needs to cheer you up, flowers are always an amazing option. Here are ten reasons why you are always allowed to ask for a beautiful bouquet!

Pinterest vs. Tumblr: Which wins?


Pinning or reblogging? Tumbelogs or pinboards? Pinterest or Tumblr? What are the advantages of having one over the other, or should you keep both? We decided to make a pro-con list to help you figure it out.

Pros of Pinterest: Lots of organization on a clean beige background. You can choose what you want to look at by topic. Keeping separate pinboards by topic helps you find old pictures or quotes easier, and makes the site more dynamic than one blog with everything on it. It crashes less and has faster posting speed for now. 

Cons of Pinterst: Lacks blogging style. It is solely pictures, audio/video/blog writing are not included.

Pros of Tumblr: Video sharing, link sharing, background music and music files can be shared. When things are reblogged an entire string of comments can be seen, which can be funny (but sometimes annoying). Tumblr also supports GIFs, which are a funny new trend, but Pinterest does not.

Cons of Tumblr: Crashes a lot, hard to be noticed, difficult to find people and old posts if certain blogs disable the archive. A little more intimidating than Pinterest.

On the whole, we do enjoy both, but the up-and-coming Pinterest craze is undeniable and totally understandable. They have separate functions for separate occasions. What' s your final verdict? By the way, you can find tons of adorable puppies on either site, so we don't mind! ;)

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