I Tre Merli - Authentic Italian Food in SoHo

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I Tre Merli Restaurant and Bar
463 West Broadway (Houston & Prince St)
(212) 254-8699

I Tre Merli
 started in the heart of Genoa but eventually brought its authentic food and wine across the seas. Located in Soho, this popular restaurant will put your taste buds on a journey to Italy with minimal travel cost.

If it isn’t the atmosphere that will draw you in, just check out their menu. It is filled of unique, fresh dishes—such as fig jam pizza and watermelon salad. Even though I was never a big fan of brussel sprouts, their perfect mix of these crunchy greens, salty pancetta, and spicy garlic turned me into a lover. 

My chicken paillard had a refreshing lemon flavor and the addition of grilled vegetables made it delectable.

My friend Sally enjoyed their famous penne vodka.

And her sister delved into the most tender filet mignon I have ever tasted. I know people always say this, but I swear it cut and tasted like butter.

As if all this food was not enough, we had to wash it all down with lemon and pineapple sorbet.

I highly recommend this restaurant to any of you cruising around Soho and looking for a gathering place for friends. There was not one thing on the menu that didn’t sound amazing, and I look forward to checking it out again soon. Whoever thinks Little Italy is the only place to get good Italian cuisine in NYC—think again.

And if you can't get enough of I Tre Merli once you try it, they also own another NYC restaurant called I Tre Merli Bistro (located in West Village). While it is smaller in size, the food certainly doesn’t cut back on flavor.