Glitter Nail Polish That Promises to Battle the Finals' Woes

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Keep up your morale with this fun and crazy glitter nail polish! It's hard to get through the last few days of school, especially when you'd much rather be decorating the Christmas tree or sitting by a warm fire than cramming at the library or suffering through a final, but these sparkly nails will give you a much-needed boost. 

Buy SEPHORA by OPI's "Spark-tacular" polish here or at any Sephora store for only $9.50!

Check out The Glitter Guide for some fun designs and a how-to tutorial.

Pro Tip: Go to Sephora and try out their nail polishes until you find one that you like! Most stores are completely fine with you painting your nails (even all 10 if you're daring!) using their Tester bottles. The Sephora in Times Square even has a Nail Bar where you can experiment with tons of different colors.

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