Eduardo Santana: Took 8 Classes & Has More Extracurriculars Than You Can Count

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In addition to taking eight classes this semester, Eduardo managed to work as a barista at Joe The Art of Coffee, serve as Head of Advertising and Event Manager for Postcrypt Art Gallery, illustrate for The Blue & White Magazine and The Eye, give tours with the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, act as Peer Educator for the Men’s Peer Education of Columbia Health: Sexual Violence Response, respresent Columbia College as a Columbia University Senator, and help get CHEATSHEET off its feet as their Brand Consultant and Distribution Manager. If his resume doesn't deserve recognition, I don't know whose does!

Name: Eduardo Santana
Year: 2013
School: Columbia College
Major: Visual Art, Business Management
Hometown: West Jordan, UT
Relationship Status: Single
Winter Break plans: Party like it’s 1999
Pet-Peeves: Mean People
Dream Job: Professional Coffee Shop Hopper

Fun fact: He once stuffed 42 green grapes in his mouth. 

If you were stuck on a deserted island, you would need: Some hot sauce to put on whatever it is I find to eat. 
Every guys needs these three things in his closet: 
1) Ed Hardy/Ironic T-Shirt Filter.
2) Confidence in the way his clothes fit. 
3) Pair of APC Jeans.
Your perfect date in seven words or less: We completely lose track of time.
Favorite off-campus location: The Russian and Turkish Baths / The Ace Hotel (tie)

Favorite thing about NYC: The tourists. Sometimes I forget how cool it is to live in New York, and tourists often remind me that I am actually in love with this City.
Favorite class and professor at Columbia: Introduction to the Philosophy of Art (V2003) by Lydia Goehr

Spirit Animal: Either a Finch or an Eagle. Finches are fighters and they don’t put up with big dumb pigeons. Eagles are awesome and nobody really messes with them.

Dream wife: My dream wife would be a really attractive best friend – smart enough to keep me on my toes, funny enough to keep me laughing, and strong enough to beat me up when I’m acting like a fool. Oh, and she really has to enjoy good food – that’s non-negotiable. 
One thing you want to do before graduating: I want to study, in the Butler stacks. I hear that they are great, for studying.
Top three albums/songs of all time:  
1) Legend, Bob Marley
2)Speakerboxx/The Love Below, Outkast
3) Gorilla Manor, Local Natives / Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Phoenix (tie)
If you could have a super power what would it be and why: To freeze time. There is not enough time in a day for me to do everything I want to do and help everyone that I want to help. Also, I’m always running late, so it’d be nice to be on time for things.
If you could invite anyone to dinner, you would ask: Tom Ford. He has done a lot to shape contemporary culture, and he continues to do a lot of very provocative things. I’m pretty convinced that there is a lot going on in that man’s head, and I wouldn’t mind a glimpse.
HamDel decides to name a sandwich after you (what's it called and what's in it): “The Hungry Diplomat” - A Philly Cheesesteak with respectfully smashed up Veggie Samosas.

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