Tips and Tricks for Surviving Cold Season

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I hate getting sick. I hate feeling rundown and more tired than usual (however, I don't mind making people get things for me and take care of me, thanks mom!).

In all my years of getting what feels like the same cold every winter, I have developed quite a few tips and tricks for beating my colds and reviving my spirit. Knowing that all of you are going through the same winter blues that I have had,  I wanted to share my secrets to feeling better, as we finish these last cold-filled days of February.

My first not-so original trick is my absolute obsession with orange juice as soon as I feel the slightest bit of a cold or sore throat coming on. I stock up on gallons of OJ and drink it all day long. The effectiveness of this trick is about 50% — I definitely feel like sometimes the cold never comes in full force, but other times all that orange juice does absolutely nothing. Oh well, it's certainly better than drinking that much diet soda all day long.

Just a little bit under the weather (and covers!).

My favorite, but most high-maintenance trick is something I can only do when I'm at my parents' house on a break or on a guest pass to a high-end gym: steam showers (for when I'm feeling stuffy). One of the worst parts of having a cold is feeling stuffy and not being able to do anything about it. But a steam shower works absolute miracles for loosening up congestion and making you feel warm and relaxed. Plus, the sleep after the steam shower is fantastic.

The final trick I have to share for feeling better when you're feeling crummy is making sure to take a shower every day you're home sick. While it is easy to just be gross and lay in bed in your favorite pajamas, going through the motions of washing and drying your hair and getting that nasty sick smell off your body will legitimately make you feel better. It's not like I'm suggesting you put on jeans and heels — just get a little soap on your skin!!

While of course there is nothing like fluids, rest and medicine — these tried and true tricks are not to be discounted for perking you up during an awful cold.

Feel better!!

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