4 Spring Break Safety Tips You Seriously Need to Keep In Mind

At this point in the semester, our brains are ready to burst thanks to schoolwork, job and internship applications and the everyday bustle of college life. Spring break is that perfect mid-semester gift that promotes relaxation and fun more than any other break (no uncomfortable or stressful holiday dinners, right?).

For those of us hitting the beach for break, it’s important to brush up on how to stay healthy and safe so you can have a stress-free vacation. 

1. We know it’s great to see the sun again, but don’t forget to protect yourself against its rays

If you go to school somewhere snowy or cold, it’s been awhile since you’ve dealt firsthand with the sun’s strength. Before you spend all day on the beach, don’t forget to slather on a broad spectrum sunscreen with a SPF of 15 or higher. You should also find a sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB. As excited as you may be to work on your tan this week, be careful—spray-on tanning products aren’t UV protective. The finished product may look hot, but tanning might not be worth it in the end—risks include an increased chance of developing skin cancer, premature aging and even eye damage.

2. Make sure you have enough medication

If you’re on prescription meds, don’t just bring enough to cover your entire trip—take at least two extra days’ worth in case you unexpectedly get stuck in your vacation spot. Don’t use anyone else’s medicine, and check out your meds’ expiration dates before leaving home.

3. Take out your contact lenses

You should always remove your contacts before swimming or getting in any kind of water. Like with medication, you should bring a big enough lens supply to last your entire trip. Don’t resort to lenses from drugstores or flea markets—you need a prescription for contacts too and won’t find what your eyes need at a random shop. If your eyes start feeling red or itchy, take out your lenses right away. Better to sport your glasses than to come home with an eye infection.

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

If you’re 21+, make sure to bring your water bottle along if you plan on having alcoholic beverages. And stay aware if you’re traveling somewhere where the water isn’t safe to drink. If potable water isn’t available, try out a reputable brand of carbonated drink that doesn’t have sugar or caffeine. No one wants to spend spring break feeling dehydrated!