How to Get Fit for Spring Break in 6 Weeks

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Ready for some sun and fun, but not quite ready to flaunt your bikini bod? COREiculum knows just how tough it can be to lose weight in college, which is why they’ve devised a fitness program just for college students!

Through the program, which includes custom dorm room workouts, personalized nutrition support and daily motivation, the average student loses 5.8 percent of their body weight in just six weeks, which means you can be bikini-ready in no time. However, COREiculum knows more than just how important it is for collegiettes to feel good in a bathing suit; they want to show you just how simple it can be for a collegiette to live a fit life, too!

Founded by Monmouth University students, COREiculum is a fitness company focused solely on the college student’s life. Though their program, which was designed by Professor Stern, a NPC Men's Physique champion and certified group fitness instructor, you can get in your best bikini shape in just six weeks. All you have to do is register!

If you sign up for COREiculum’s six-week Valedictorian Challenge, which will run January 27 through March 9,  you could win a minimum of $500 Vacation Vouchers from a participating travel agency, which you can use towards a spring break getaway! Check out the rules for enrollment here and check out the video below for more information!

COREiculum’s 1st Semester DVD Program comes with nine COREses, with exercises such as kickboxing, plyometrics, cardio dance, yoga stretch and boot camp. Each of the COREses is just 30 minutes long, and they can be done in any size dorm room (so you can finally say goodbye to the smelly gym!). You’ll also get a resistance band and a Nutritional Guide Cheat Sheet with tips on how to eat right in the dining hall. With COREiculum, the instructors will work one-on-one with you to look at your daily diet and find ways to make the smallest changes that lead to big results.

To keep you from hitting a workout plateau, COREiculum has Weekly Extra Credit Challenges, where you can win great prizes like Nike gift cards, new headphones or exclusive gift cards to your favorite stores. With free extra COREicular videos as well, you’ll never get bored. Finally, COREiculum will send you a monthly newsletter with exclusive nutrition tips and special workout tips.

COREiculum’s 1st Semester Program is only $39.95, which includes shipping, handling and applicable taxes. You can also split the 1st Semester Program with a friend (save you both 25%!) and enroll for just $19.95 to qualify for the free vacation.

Registration is open now! What are you waiting for, collegiettes? Get started on that New Year’s resolution—and that bikini bod—today!