Famously Fit Celebs: How to Score Bodies Like Theirs

Ashley Greene

You know her as Alice Cullen from the “Twilight” series, but she’s also known for her toned arms, trim legs and all-around fit body.
Greene said she’s always been athletic, but had to shape up even more for the hit movie “New Moon,” just like several of her costars. Through early Pilates sessions six days each week, she transformed into a fierce female vampire.
Now she has a personal trainer to help her mix up her workouts. Greene does cardio sometimes, but mostly turns to mountain biking, martial arts and kayaking for her exercise of choice.
She also makes sure to eat healthily with fish, egg whites, vegetables and chicken as the main ingredients of her diet. Greene relies on portion control to maintain her figure and makes sure to give into weaknesses for her favorite snacks when temptations become too much.
Follow in their Footsteps...
We can’t all have personal trainers to keep us motivated while exercising after a long day at school, or personal chefs to whip up balanced meals when our convenient frozen meals just won’t cut it.
But by looking to fit celebrities like these women, we can find the inspiration we need to develop healthy lifestyles as collegiettes. Increase the intensity of your workout, try an activity you’ve never done before and always remember the ultimate goal: a fit, healthy and happy you.