Famously Fit Celebs: How to Score Bodies Like Theirs

Beyonce Knowles

You’ve seen her rocking body shake it to “Single Ladies” on stage in front of millions. Twelve-hour choreography rehearsals – in sky-high heels – teach her the moves she needs for her music videos and concerts. So it’s no surprise Knowles knows exactly what it takes to keep in top shape.
While dance tones all the right spots on this queen of rhythm, she also finds ways to add more cardio to her workouts. Five days a week, Knowles hits the gym for 30-minute sessions on the elliptical or bike to keep the pounds off her famously curvaceous body.
For her diet, she eats lots of green vegetables, and avoids red meat, bread and alcohol. Although she considers chocolate her cheat food, she combats the calories with lots of running.
This combination of healthy food choices and intense workouts helped her make headlines earlier this year. Just weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Knowles revealed a post-baby body free of extra weight – and inspiration to women everywhere.
Jennifer Lawrence

For the character of Katniss Everdeen in the recent high-action box office hit “The Hunger Games,” directors wanted an actress who could amp up the fight scenes. Lawrence took on the challenge and proved she could kick her already in-shape body into even better condition with an intense six-week fitness program.
Her daily routine consisted of lots of cardio, exercises that increased her endurance and activities that elevated her metabolism. She focused on sprinting at the track and riding stationary bikes. The result? A leaner Lawrence, perfect for the role.
“She has such a strong body, but I definitely think she needed that for this movie,” said Nicole Martinez, a University of Florida sophomore. “I think her dedication to the role really shows her commitment to being fit, and I admire that.”