This Couple Got Married In a Planet Fitness, & It's Actually Kind of Goals

Ohio couple Joseph Keith III and Stephanie Hughes recently got married at their local Planet Fitness. It may sound weird, but it's actually a beautifully unique love story. 

This video by Planet Fitness chronicles their love story which was first initiated by a series of interactions at the gym. It all began when Joe asked Stephanie if she was finished using a piece of the equipment, and the rest was history. "I was so nervous," Stephanie told Planet Fitness. Joe called it love at first sight, and honestly even the ~employees~ knew it was meant to be. "They would always pass one another, and I could always tell they had big smiles on their faces," said Planet Fitness staff member, Kristin Stanger. Workouts quickly turned into romance, and they eventually fell in love and had a darling baby girl! On the proposal day, Joe placed a bib on their daughter that read "Will you Marry Daddy?"

According to Stephanie, she always knew she wanted to get married in the Planet Fitness where they met, but never thought the gym would actually say yes. However, the staff made sure their wedding day was perfect, and even had a Planet Fitness employee officiate the ceremony on September 3! But the best part was hands down this wedding gift from Planet Fitness:


Congrats Stephanie & Joe! Thanks for making PF a part of your special day! #keithitup #planetfitness

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Brb while we head over to a Planet Fitness in the hopes of having an awesome gym wedding too!