The Best Workout Apparel for Cold Weather

Are the chilly temperatures keeping you out of the elements and inside the gym this winter? The icy roads, bone-chilling temperatures and decreasing daylight hours are enough to keep even the most adventurous fitness junkie indoors this season. But with the winter workout gear we’re featuring, you don’t have to resort to the treadmill this time of year. Now, you can keep up your favorite outdoor workouts while staying warm and protected!


Warm muscles are essential to a great athletic performance, which is why an ultra-warm workout jacket is a must-have for your fitness wardrobe. Throw one over your workout outfit to ensure that not only will you be comfortable, but you’ll also protect your bod from the winter elements and the dangerous side effects of exercising with chilled muscles.

1. Techfit Climawarm Jacket

adidas, $60

Designed to keep your body warm even when the temperatures are low, this jacket uses adidas’s Climawarm technology, which mimics the hollow fibers of a polar bear’s fur. This jacket is sure to help you you generate the power you need to get through your workout!

2. Aeroloft 800 Running Vest

Nike, $180

This ultra-lightweight running vest features goose down insulation for warmth. Tiny ventilation perforations are placed throughout this vest as well, allowing for moisture and excess heat to automatically exit mid-workout.

This piece is perfect if you’re into hiking and need some serious warmth that can be taken off quickly. The vest can be folded into a back zippered pocked armed with a carrying strap for easy mobility while you’re mid-mountain.

3. Shimmer Cold Gear Half Zip Pullover

Under Armour, $64.99

This jacket is perfect if the winters in your area are mild. The interior of this pullover has a brushed lining to trap body heat during your workout and has thumbholes so you can keep your sleeves down during activity to ensure maximum warmth.