The 7 Best Fitness Blogs to Follow

If You’re Looking to Get Fit Without the Gym, Check Out Fit Chick in the City.

Between your work, school and social life, sometimes a trip to the campus gym just doesn’t happen. For those days, experienced marathon runner Jess Underhill has your back. On her blog, Jess has rounded up some of the simplest ways to work those muscles using everyday household items. Cranking out mountain climber planks with the help of a kitchen towel? Using a water bottle as a tool during core-strengthening exercises? With instructed videos, she shows you how to do it all. If you’re a runner (or want to become one), Jess also blogs the answers to your biggest questions, such as which shoes are best for your feet or how to train for a 10K in a mere six weeks.

If You’re Looking for Answers to Your Toughest Fitness Questions, Check Out Cranky Fitness.

Okay, you caught us. While we wish we could say hitting the gym is always a good time, that’s not exactly true. Since the bloggers at Cranky Fitness agree, their posts focus on helping you change the way you think about exercise. The blog has just the right amount of motivation and encouragement to pump you up, while remaining realistic about the challenges you’ll face while getting fit. With a huge index of activities and exercises you’re sure to find workouts that are less of a chore and more of a reward. And make sure to keep this page bookmarked for when you need answers to all your exercise questions, including “do I really have to do cardio to lose weight?”

If You’re Looking for Three-Minute Workouts, Check Out Quickie Chick.

Quickie Chick blogger Laurel House knows it’s possible to squeeze in a workout anytime and anyplace. With her “Daily 100” videos, Laurel shows you little moves that can tone and tighten your body, whether you’re stuck at your desk job, catching up on “New Girl” reruns from your couch or waiting at the bus stop. She even has a section dedicated to workouts that you can do without having to leave your bed! This blog has all the solutions to help you get your blood flowing, even in a tiny dorm room.

If You Want to Hear Fitness Tips from a Professional, Check Out MizFitOnline.

At MizFitOnline, get tips for motivating yourself before workouts, eating healthy and stretching without scrolling through tons of words on your computer screen. Blogger Carla Birnberg, a personal trainer and bodybuilding competitor, posts free fitness podcasts. Her page also directs you to her collection of creative and informative YouTube workout videos that will take you back to your younger days. She’ll show you how she breaks a sweat at the playground, burns calories bouncing on trampolines and more. So stop reading, turn up the volume and start exercising!

Now that you have HC’s rundown of some of the best fitness blogs, it’s easy to see how many different ways you can get in shape fast. Follow these bloggers and expert exercisers for their best tips, and remember to have fun while getting fit. Happy workouts, collegiettes!