The 7 Best Fitness Blogs to Follow

Whether you want to tone up for your fast-approaching beach vacay or simply switch up your daily workout, you can do it all with a little help from the fiercest fitness bloggers on the Internet. You’ll discover routines that fit your busy schedule, new ways to achieve your workout goals and so much more. It’s like having a personal trainer right at your fingertips. So throw on your cutest workout gear, surf this list of HC-approved blogs and get your fitness on!

If You’re Looking for the Best Workout Products and Tunes, Check Out Fit Bottomed Girls.

When it comes to fitness, the eight-woman blogger team of Fit Bottomed Girls covers just about everything. Their posts with stories of fitness achievements will inspire you to become the strongest and healthiest version of yourself. And product reviews for exercise DVDs and equipment (anyone else have trouble finding ear buds that fit “freakishly small ears” like Fit Bottomed Girl Erin?) are sure to help you achieve the best workout possible. If you want to branch out and try new activities, look no further. The blog is full of ideas – from cycling to boxing to CrossFit and more. And, of course, the Fit Bottomed Girls haven’t forgotten one of the most important ingredients of a butt-kicking, heart-pounding workout: music. They put together hot playlists that vary from your typical “iTunes Top 100” songs, and they even post their own personal playlists that keep them moving.

If You’re Looking to Make Your Workout More Exciting, Check Out The Fitnessista.

Meet Gina: certified personal trainer, nutritional advisor and group fitness instructor. At The Fitnessista, she blogs about boredom-killing workouts, like interval training on the treadmill and healthy recipes, like veggie and goat cheese enchiladas. She even includes a few dessert recipes, sweet-toothed collegiettes! Creatively named routines such as the “Turkey Treadmill Workout” or “My biscuits are burning!” elliptical plan may make you smile, but these challenging exercises are no laughing matter. And when you add a few sets of her strengthening moves to the end of your cardio or weight session, there’s a good chance you’ll start to notice a more toned body. Through Gina’s personal photos and expert advice, you can snag some great tips for healthy living and learn the message she wants everyone to understand: “Being fit is always in style.

If You Want to Have Fun While Mastering Pilates, Check Out Blogilates.

This can’t-miss blog will take the “work” out of “workouts” and refresh your daily exercise routine. With her upbeat attitude, fitness guru and POP Pilates (a workout involving pilates and cardio) creator Cassey Ho will make you excited to get off the couch and follow along with her workout videos. Kimberly Drummond, HC SUNY Buffalo campus correspondent, says the blog’s videos are so fun that she doesn’t even feel like she’s working out while she does them. After all, is it really possible to resist sets of squats choreographed to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”?

Deepa Lakshmin, a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, says Blogilates allows her to do pilates when her university’s gym doesn’t offer classes that fit her schedule. “It inspires me to see [Cassey’s] progress and dedication to a strict diet and workout plan,” Deepa says. “It’s even more inspiring that all of her tips and blog posts are about true health, not about ridiculous fad diets and dangerous starvation diets.”

Cassey also shows you how to make your own workout T-shirt, and has a Blogilates fashion line that will help you make the treadmill look like a runway.