The 5 Coolest Gadgets for a Healthier Lifestyle

If you need a little extra push to adopt healthier habits this semester, check out these five gadgets to get you on the right track. Not only are they super easy to use (they can all connect to your smartphone!), but they’re also really cool! With a little technology on your side, you can make this your healthiest year yet.     

1. Fitbit One

Don’t underestimate this small device. Even though it’s probably only the size of your thumb, it will make a huge difference in your fitness plan! In fact, Fitbit One prides itself on turning fitness into a lifestyle. A device that you can put in your pocket, on your belt or in your bra, it tracks how many steps you take, the calories you burn, the distance you travel and the stairs you climb.

It also tracks how many hours you sleep and the quality of your sleep by showing you graphs that reveal how long you slept and the number of times you woke up. Just clip it on to your pajamas at night or slide on the sleep wristband. Plus, you can set an alarm on the actual device and it will wake you up with a gentle vibration. Isn’t that better than an annoying alarm clock? You can also log your meals and workouts using Fitbit’s online tools. The Fitbit One syncs all of your statistics to your computer and smartphone wirelessly so you can track your progress at any time of the day!

Price: $99.95

Where to get it: Fitbit

2. Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones

Who doesn’t love listening to music while exercising? Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to exercise efficiently if your headphones keep falling out of your ears while you’re trying to work out.

Well, that’s not going to be a problem anymore. The Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones are specifically engineered for exercise. The “StayHear” ear tips will remain in place even during the most strenuous workouts because they were created to hold up against extreme movement. The headphones are available in three sizes so you can find a pair that fits securely and comfortably. The speaker elements are covered with hydrophobic acoustic cloth, which keeps all of the moisture out but still lets sound in.

The best part? You’ll be able to answer calls, switch between your phone and your music and change your tunes directly on your headphones! No more worrying about digging in your pockets (or bra… seriously) to change the song on your iPod.  Just tap the inline remote on the headphones and that’s it! These headphones also come with an armband that holds the device in place and stores the headphones when you finish your workout.

Price: $134.95

Where to buy it: Bose

3. Neptune


Don’t you hate that you can’t listen to music while you’re swimming? Well, you won’t need to any more! Neptune, a waterproof MP3 player, has 4GB of storage, which is roughly 1,000 songs or about 60 hours of continuous tunes.

Get this: no ear buds necessary! The device transmits sound through your cheekbone directly into your inner ear. Don’t worry, though–it won’t interfere with your swimming technique. The rechargeable battery lasts for more than eight hours per charge, so you’ll never be without your favorite artists.

Price: $159.99

Where to buy it: FINIS